11 Weed Edible Dinner Recipes

An 11 weed edible dinner recipes list that includes some very tasty meals. There is a dinner in this list that everyone will enjoy, no matter your taste preferences. Make sure to check out the entire recipes by clicking the link to them. There you will find a recipe card with the needed ingredients and at the bottom of the post a potency calculator!

List of 11 Weed Edible Dinner Recipes

A comprehensive list of 11 weed edible dinner recipes. This list is perfect for anyone from edible connoisseurs to beginners just starting out. Even if you haven’t made weed edibles before, this list of recipes contains step by step instructions and includes dosage calculators. The dosage calculators are used to help you determine the potency of the edibles.

Weed Poutine

Weed poutine in a paper cup on the marble countertop the poutine has lots of gravy on top of it and cheese curds

Poutine is known to be a famous Canadian classic! But now this Canadian classic got a major upgrade, with the help of cannabis we now have a weed poutine recipe! Introducing this fun edible dinner that is infused with cannabutter. The recipe is easy enough for beginners to make and is very customizable.

Click here to learn how to make weed poutine!

Weed Steak

Cannabis infused steak on a hot plate with peppers onions and salt

The king of this list is the weed steak. We went with a AAA Angus Beef Striploin steak, which is more on the expensive side. Furthermore, any cut of beef will work for this recipe, it’s all about your personal preference. This is one edible dinner recipe you need to try!

Click here to learn how to make a weed-infused steak!

Weed Tacos

4 cannabis infused tacos with limes and salsa in the background

This tasty Mexican dish will knock your socks off. With the help of cannabis, you can infuse your homemade tacos to make potent weed edibles. Another recipe on this list you just can’t pass up.

Click here to learn how to make weed tacos!

Weed Fish and Chips

weed fish and chips on a white plate with lemon and salad in the background. A weed edible dinner recipe.

Fish and chips are a classic when it comes to having a great dinner. Now you can turn them into potent weed edibles that taste great, are simple to make, and get the job done!

Click here to learn how to make weed fish and chips!

Weed Chicken Wings

A wooden cutting board with lots of spicy cannabis infused buffalo wings with dipping sauce in the background. A weed edible dinner recipe.

Weed Chicken Wings are for sure one of the best edibles on this list. They are the perfect edible for big gatherings or events. You could make them for any occasion! There tasty, simple, and everyone loves them! You can easily adjust the potency to fit your preference.

Weed Fajitas

Cannabis infused fajitas With veggies besides them on a wooden plate

To add some more Mexican flavour to this edible dinner list, we have some very tasty weed fajitas. These are great for any occasion and easy enough or beginner edible connoisseurs to make right at home. Also, they are easy to adjust the potency to fit your exact needs!

Click here to learn how to make weed fajitas!

Weed Cheese Burgers

grey plate with french fries and a weed burger with another edible burger in the background. A weed edible dinner recipe.

Cheeseburgers are probably one of the most popular dinners we have here in North America! Now you can make a fan favourite into a potent weed edible dinner. This dinner is easy to make and tastes even better. Very customizable allowing you to add whatever toppings you desire.

Click here to learn how to make a weed cheeseburger!

Weed Nachos

Cannabis infused nachos with guac, salsa, weed cheese, tomatos, and jalapeno's scattered around on the table

Nachos are a staple for weekend nights at a pub or bar. Or maybe you’re watching your favourite sports team play a big game, someone will definitely be craving some tasty nachos. Due to the popularity we needed to find a way to infuse it with cannabis. Luckily, we found a way. Introducing, Weed Nachos!

Click here to learn how to make weed nachos!

Weed Potato Soup

Cannabis potato soup in a pot with green onion on top of it the pot has a big spoon in it and its on a wooden cutting board

On a cold winter night or if you’re feeling a little sick, then this is the perfect edible dinner for you! It is nice and warm, and gets you feeling all the effects that THC has to offer! It’s a simple edible to make and is fairly potent.

Click here to learn how to make weed potato soup!

Weed Mac n’ Cheese

Cannabis infused macaroni and cheese on a white table in a clear bowl. A weed edible dinner recipe.

Weed mac n’ cheese is one of the tastiest edible recipes out there, and also one of our favourites on this edible dinner recipe list. It also happens to be one of the simplest recipes to make! This recipe can be made in multiple ways so it’s great for beginners. If we were to choose one of these for a beginner edible maker getting into space, we would choose this due to the simplicity alone.

Click here to learn how to make weed mac n’ cheese!

Weed Salad

macro of cannabis infused caeser salad. A weed edible dinner recipe.

To finish off this list, we added a more healthy edible alternative. A weed salad is a great edible recipe that’s perfect for all of our food conscious readers. This delicious edible recipe serves 2 and takes only 20 minutes to make.

Click here to learn how to make a weed salad!

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