11 Weed Edible Snack Recipes


A comprehensive list of 11 weed edible snack recipes. When it comes to edibles, snacks are the most popular among them due to there easy access and on-the-go features. Bring them wherever you need too, whether it be a road trip, to your friend’s house, or just on a casual walk.

If you are just scrolling through this list, make sure to actually check out the full article on these awesome recipes. The full article includes dosage calculators that help you determine the potency of your homemade edibles.

This list includes recipes that use cannabutter, cannabis-cooking oil, cannabis milk, and more for their infusions.

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List of 11 Weed Edible Snack Recipes

Weed Pop Tarts

chocolate cannabis infused pop tarts on a white plate

Weed pop tarts are one of the best snacks on this list! They can be used as a dessert, breakfast, or whatever else you desire. This recipe makes approximately 10 servings so you can store them for later, or share them with your friends and family! Or if you get the munchies, eat some extra as snacks!

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Weed Mozzarella Sticks

Macro shot of weed mozzarella sticks with sauce and more mozzarella sticks in the background

Mozzarella sticks are one of our favourite snacks and appetizers! You can easily infuse them with cannabis-milk, to make them even better! How can anyone compete with your cooking skills when you bring weed mozzarella sticks to the table? They are very simple, fun, taste great, and are potent!

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Weed Potato Chips

macro of weed potato chips piled on top of each other

When it comes to the munchies, potato chips are probably the most common and relevant in North America. Due to the fact of how accessible and easy they are to acquire or make. This edible snack recipe is quick, easy, and very accessible. Now with the help of cannabis-infused cooking oil, you can make weed potato chips right at home.

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Weed Caramel Popcorn

Overhead shot of cannabis infused Caramell popcorn

With the help of good old’ cannabutter, you can now make delicious weed caramel popcorn in the comfort of your own kitchen. This edible can be made to fill 10 servings and is ready in under an hour. Once you take a bite of this recipe it will be hard to stop. This edible snack recipe is just too good.

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Weed Gummy Worms

Colourful Fruity cannabis Gummy Worm Candies in a red bowl on a wooden tabe

Here is a yummy candy recipe that is easy enough for anyone to make! With the help of cannabis-cooking oil, you can make some delicious and potent weed gummy worms. These are ready quickly, easy, and taste even better. Bring them around as a movie night snack or share them with your friends and family whenever!

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Weed French Fries

cannabis infused french fries on a wooden plate with ketchup beside them on the plate. All of this is on a napkin which is on a wooden table

French fries are at the top of this edible snack recipe list due to their popularity! All you need to do is cut a potato up or buy a premade bag and your good to go! Now we have made a turned a popular recipe into a snack edible recipe using cannabis-cooking oil. Infuse it with your fries to make a great weed edible snack that will impress everyone you show!

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Weed Gummy Bears

Weed infused gummy bears

Weed gummy bears are one of our most popular weed edible recipes! Due to the fact they are easy to make and only require a few ingredients. In recent years these have become one of the most popular weed edibles in the industry. You can infuse your gelatin mixture with cannabis cooking oil, allowing you to make these in the comfort of your own home. The recipe is very straight forward, simple, and costs almost nothing to make!

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Weed Hard Candy

Cannabis edible candy. All different kinds of weed edibles.

With the help of cannabis-tincture, you can make weed hard candies right at home! This alcohol-based edible snack is more advanced but when done right, it is very tasty! Great for bringing on adventures and road trips, or just storing at home for when you need a nice edible snack!

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Weed Chocolate Bars

Cannabis infused chocolate on a white table. one of the weed edible snack recipes

Weed chocolate bars are another one of our more popular edible snack recipes! There are a few reasons for this and the main ones are the simplicity of the recipe, how quick you can make it, and because it’s infused with cannabutter. With all these combined and a great taste, you can’t go wrong with this weed edible snack recipe!

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Weed Ice Cream

Woman holding a cannabis-infused ice cream cone smiling. Blue white and pink background. one of the weed edible snack recipes

Ice cream is a go-to when you have the munchies or need a nice cold refreshing snack! But, now with the help of cannabis milk, you can infuse it to create weed ice cream. This cold snack hits the spot and tastes even better. You can also adjust the recipe to make it more or less potent.

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Weed Yogurt

Vegetarian breakfast, a bowl with organic granola, fresh raspberries and blueberries and coconut yogurt. one of the weed edible snack recipes

Let’s end this weed edible snack recipes list off with a healthy alternative. Introducing weed yogurt! With the help of cannabis milk, you can make some homemade yogurt in your own kitchen. Make this for a morning or late-night snack.

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With that being said, that’s the end of our 11 edible snack recipes list! Leave a comment below which edible your favourite was or share it to social media and tag #thecannaschool! We’d love to hear your feedback.

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