12 of The Best Weed Storage Boxes


Being able to properly and safely store your cannabis stash is a necessity for all cannabis enthusiasts. This allows you to keep your chronic fresh and out of harm’s way. Furthermore, weed storage boxes will save you money by allowing your product to last longer, save you time by being organized, and also look really cool.

What is a Weed Storage Box

A weed storage box is a tool that has multiple applications depending on what the individual needs. The most notable feature is that weed storage boxes preserve your cannabis by having it in an airtight seal. This prevents moisture build-up and stops harmful toxins, bugs, and other residues from entering your stash. Because most weed storage boxes are airtight, this creates a smell-proof barrier between your cannabis and the outside world. This helps keep your cannabis discreet, and out of mind if you are in an area where you don’t want it to dank up. Another key feature used by many storage boxes is child-proof locks. As cannabis becomes legalized across North America, many households need an alternative to safely hold their cannabis and these boxes do just that. Furthermore, these boxes are used for portability, allowing you to quickly and effortlessly grab your storage box which contains all your necessities for your smoking session. This helps you be organized along with not forgetting anything behind.

What Makes a Good Weed Storage Box

There are a few main components that go into a good weed storage box. Many boxes have a few of these features but not all, so it’s important to choose a box that contains exactly what you’re looking for. Here’s a list of the most important features in a good weed storage box:

  1. Airtight seal (smell proof)
  2. Watertight seal
  3. Child locks
  4. Spacious
  5. Portability
  6. Design
  7. Price
  8. Durability

12 of The Best Weed Storage Boxes

Here is a list of 12 of the best weed storage boxes we could find. Most of these storage boxes are available through Amazon so it will be easy for you to view and purchase them if they fit your criteria.

Safe Locker 420 Jet Black Weed Storage Box

This smell-proof, watertight, and stylish childsafe storage box is the ultimate package. Its modern black design and UV-safe amber-tinted glass jars help preserve your cannabis and keep it as fresh as the day you got it. The kit comes with 3 glass jars which are airtight for double the protection. The best feature about this storage box is that it’s made in the USA.

Next Level Weed Stash Box

The unique and modern wooden storage box design is a show stopper. This storage box’s main feature is how much space it has inside. It’s big enough to hold rolling trays, grinders, jars, wraps, rolling papers, lighters, and more. Its unique feature is that it has an accessible rolling tray lid made of bamboo. With a passcode lock, this weed storage box keeps your stash safe and out of mind.

Infinite Depths Weed Storage Box

This premium bamboo stash box is a must-have for mediation and yoga enthusiasts. The storage box comes with a rolling tray, rolling papers, 4-piece titanium grinder, silicone pipe, and stash jar, it’s the complete package! This design allows you to keep all your tools organized and ready to go anytime, anywhere. This kit comes with a money-back guarantee so if you don’t like it, you have the option to send it back!

Duido Weed Stash Box

This modern and sleek storage box has it all. The box is waterproof and airtight keeping the moisture out and smell in. It comes with a steel rolling tray, UV smell proof jar, premium magnetic grinder, charcoal smell-proof bags, 2 odourless resealable bags, and a combination lock. This is the all in one storage box that fits all the important criteria.

Boss Gear Weed Storage Box

This premium bamboo storage kit is a great option for individuals looking to have a smaller more compact storage box. The storage box comes with a metal rolling tray, grinder, UV smell proof jar, 2 odourless bags, USB rechargeable lighter, and two sets of keys.

Sky High Dream Weed Storage Box

The sky high stash box is a cool and customized storage box that also has all the main features you would want. The box itself is smell-proof and inside it comes with a zinc alloy grinder, UV-plated glass stash jar, wax jar, stainless steel wax jar, double-ended pick, smell-proof storage tube, lighter holder for hemp wick, and rolling tray. The box itself is 100% odour-proof. The padded lock keeps the goodies safe inside and the kids out.

OZCHIN Weed Storage Bag

This unique and nylon odor-proof storage case is a great portable kit that will perform exactly as you need it to. Its made with carbon linings to keep the stash fresh and away from any harm. It also comes with a stash jar, grinder, and odor-proof bag. Inside it has velcro compartments that are removable so you can customize it as you need.

Helmet Head Weed Storage Case

This durable water repellent and odor-proof storage box is another great alternative for hiding away your chronic. The bag is designed in Canada and allows you to keep your stash discrete in public, at work, or while traveling. Its made with a combination lock to keep the items inside safe from pets and children.

Reefer madness Weed Storage Box

This cool wooden box comes with a detailed devil’s weed engraving and is a great on-the-go kit. It comes with a glass jar, a removable tray, and is made out of solid Birch Ply. This box is more for individuals favoring the design aspect compared to functionality.

BZZ Weed Storage Box

This handmade weed storage box is both cool and functional. Its made of bamboo and comes with three glass jars, and a bamboo rolling tray. Each jar comes with its own compartment within the box, along with a chalkboard label to help separate each strain. The box is made with a combination lock to prevent anyone you don’t want from getting inside.

Locking Weed Storage Box

This handmade bamboo storage box is both unique and cool. The designs are appealing and the kit itself is very put together. The storage box comes with a 4-piece titanium grinder, UV glass jar, and metal rolling tray that all match the box’s design. The box comes with a lock as well which prevents roommates or family from getting in.

Canny Pocket Stash Container

This smell-proof portable bag measures 3 inches by 6 inches to fit in your pocket on the go. The bag is made with activated charcoal, bamboo charcoal, and waterproof PVC to prevent odor from escaping. Inside the bag, there are two nylon straps to secure any loose items like vapes or lighters from moving around. This design is the most portable on the list and one that fits many of the important criteria for a good weed storage box.

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