20 Best Weed Vaporizers in 2020 | Ultimate Buyers Guide List


The ultimate weed vaporizer buyers guide for 2020! The 20 best weed vaporizers in 2020. This comprehensive weed vaporizer buyers guide will go over the top 20 cannabis vapes on the market. The list includes portable vapes, hybrids, and desktop/ stationary models. It will also include an overview of what vaporizers are and how they differ from conventional methods. Along with some background information to understand more about this awesome technology!

Background On Weed Vaporizers

In recent years vaporizers have been the best invention and technological advancement in the cannabis industry. Vaporizers have been designed to perfectly interact with your bud by using a heating chamber. This process extracts the THC from the plant material (or concentrate) which then becomes activated at the correct temperature. During the heating process cannabinoids like THCA and CBDA convert to THC and CBD!

This technology was originally invented and designed to vaporize tobacco. After its release, cannabis enthusiasts quickly jumped on the wave and soon realized the more efficient use of the technology. Now vaporizers are some of the most prominent forms when using cannabis.

Vaporizers are designed to heat up an internal chamber to a temperature that is between 285–400°F. At this temperature, THC-A becomes activated. What this means is THC-A turns into the psychoactive compound THC. When this vapour is inhaled, it is digested quicker into the bloodstream. This causes it to have more potent effects as it is pure THC.

When using a vaporizer you are getting a unique high. A vape high is also a unique experience and feeling that differs from regular combustion of cannabis (smoke). It is clean high and you are left feeling clear-headed. You must experience it for yourself to feel the unique and sought after effects!

Benefits of Vaporizing

Healthier Alternative:

Vaping is known to be a healthier alternative than regular combustion methods when using cannabis. It is much lighter on your lungs and doesn’t come with unnecessary combusted plant matter. Vapour contains far fewer toxins and carcinogens. When combusted, cannabis produces tar, tar will begin to build up after smoking for an extended period. One of the benefits of vaping is not worrying about the tar build-up.


The pure vapour smoke produced by these high-end vaporizers is unique and special. There is a more pronounced flavour as you can actually taste the different terpene and cannabinoid profiles for each individual strain. Any cannabis connoisseur can appreciate this level of flavour. To give an example the taste of the vapour is comparable to burnt popcorn or a close relative of that. This is tastier then the usual resinous smoke made when burning cannabis using a flame. Also since almost all vaporizers use a coil heating system or ceramic chamber, you’re skipping out on inhaling any butane or lighter fluid.


Vaporizing cannabis comes with a hidden bonus! After your done your vaping session, you can actually reuse the cannabis by either smoking it or cooking with it. The appearance of the flower will be a light-dark brown colour depending on how long it was heated up. Although you will have already used up a majority of the cannabinoids by this point, there will still be some leftover.

With the many benefits associated with vaporizing, there is a reason why it has gotten so popular. You can actually taste the different strains that you are vaping, along with being able to enjoy it while minimizing the damage to your lungs. The discreet and portable designs of these products also make them so desirable!

This ultimate vape buyers guide will go over the top 20 vaporizers on the market in 2019. It will provide insight and comparison between the prices, design, portability, and features of each vaporizer.

Top Portable Vaporizers in 2020

To start the buyer’s guide off, we will begin with portable vapes you can carry anywhere. These are great for on the go sessions and adventures. More targetted for solo or personal use.

Click either the title or picture to get directed to a store that sells the vaporizer. This way you can learn more about the price, features, and other important information.

20: Kandy Pens Galaxy Vaporizer

Designed in the USA, this vape features a deep wickless quartz crystal chamber and an elevated airflow system. The simple and compact design is what makes this vape unique. The price point is also the cheapest on the list coming in at just under $50.

Click here to view and/or purchase the Kandy Pen!

19: DaVinci Classic

The original from the collection – the DaVinci Classic, is a durable handheld vaporizer perfect for adventures and on the go sessions. This feature-packed vaporizer combined with its rugged portability is what make it so special. For anyone on a budget, this is definitely a vape to consider.

Click here to view and/or purchase the DaVinci Classic!

18: Pulsar APX Wax Vaporizer

Pulsar’s vaporizers offer smooth and delicious vapour, enhancing the dried products or concentrates you’re using. This vaporizer is unique as the triple quartz coil atomizer heats up in only 5 seconds! Now you can enjoy 5 second dabs!

Click here to view and/or purchase the APX Wax vaporizer!

17: Boundless CFX Vaporizer

A medium-priced vaporizer that comes packed with features. This vape resembles the crafty or mighty from Storz & Bickel but comes in almost 100$ cheaper. The sleek design and unique temperature display make this vape a top contender.

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16: G Pen Elite

A great vape for beginners. This super discreet and very portable design allows you to take it anywhere you need. The affordable price means it doesn’t break the bank. This is the latest from the Grenco Science and all the components have been redesigned to ensure the best performance possible.

a Black g-pen elite!One of the best weed vaporizers in 2020 for its slick design.

Click here to view and/or purchase the G Pen Elite!

15: DaVinci Ascent

The personal preference and customization that comes with this vape are what make it a perfect choice for new users all the way to vaping connoisseurs. An all-glass pathway ensures the purest vapour smoke while the design is sleek and modern. One of the best weed vaporizers out there!

Click here to view and/or purchase the DaVinci Ascent!

14: DaVinci MIQRO

The DaVinci MIQRO is a loose-leaf vape that is small and compact. This smaller version of the IQ is constructed with almost all the same high-tech features, just in a smaller body. This makes the vaporizer a lot more portable and discreet. It also is 2 x less expensive so for the price you can’t beat it! It may be the perfect vape for anyone on a budget.

an orange da vinci miqro vaporizer. One of the best weed vaporizers in 2020!

Click here to view and/or purchase the Davinci MIQRO!

13: Arizer Air 2

With the release of the original Arizer and all its success, the Canadian company upped its game and upgraded it to an even better version. With a sleek and modern design, the Arizer Air 2 portable vaporizer has everything you will need. Another one of the best portable weed vaporizers in 2020! Extended battery life, improved airflow, new temperature controls, gives it an extra push!

Click here to view and/or purchase the Arizer Air 2!

12: Flowermate V5.0S Mini Pro

This sleek and modern design is perfect for any beginner vaper. The easy to use design and small compact size make a great combo. One of the best compact and portable weed vaporizers in 2020! The price is affordable and the battery life is stellar.

Click here to view and/or purchase the Flowermate V5.0s Mini Pro!

11: Black Mamba Vaporizer

With so much positive feedback surrounding this vape, it had to make the list! If you’re looking for an affordable, very discreet, super portable vaporizer look no further. This vape produces high-end vape smoke at a fraction of the cost.

Click here to view and/or purchase the Black Mamba!

10: DaVinci IQ

The Davinci IQ is the most expensive of the collection, but for good reason. It is a “smart” vaporizer that is equipped with Bluetooth and Smart path technology. These allow the user to fully customize there vaping experience to meet their exact needs. The modern design makes this vape look hi-tech. With an all zirconia ceramic air path and smart path temperature settings – this vape will deliver some of the purest and precise vaping experiences that are possible.

Click here to view and/or purchase the DaVinci IQ!

9: The Crafty Vaporizer

The crafty is already renown due to the fact its a brother to the volcano. This luxury portable vaporizer creates a smooth quality vapour. With it’s compact and ergonomic design, one-button operation, and Bluetooth capabilities, this vape is among the best weed vaporizers in the world. For sure one of the best weed vaporizers in 2020!

Click here to view and/or purchase The Crafty!

8: Hydrology 9 Vaporizer

One of the more unique vape designs to make this list. The Hydrology 9 uses technology not found in any other vape on the market. The Hydro 9 is a complete game-changer when it comes to vaping dried products. It’s superior performance and excellent smoothness and vape flavour make this product so special.  It has a built-in water cooling system that reduces the temperature of the vapour. This reduced temperature further improves the comfort and pleasure experienced when vaping.

a weed vape with water in the middle.

Click here to view and/or purchase the Hydrology 9!

7: The Mighty Vaporizer

One of the most used and highest rated vaporizers on this list – the Mighty. Crafted from the same brand that created the Volcano. This portable sister is blowing the market up! This powerful device utilizes both convection and conduction heating which functions via a simple, silent, two-button operating system. The temperature controls are extremely accurate compared to competitors. One of the best weed vaporizers in 2020!

black and orange weed vape with orange digital screen. One of best weed vaporizers in 2020

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6: PAX 3 Vaporizer

Known for its minimalistic and modern design. This lightweight and extremely portable vape is on the high-end side of the market. The high powered unit comes with a number of innovative features. One of the best portable weed vaporizers in 2020! Vapers can expect high performance, as well as the latest in battery technology.

black weed vape with led in middle

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5: Arizer Solo 2

One of the newest dry herb vapes made by Arizer. It’s a vaporizer that embodies simplicity, it’s incredibly easy to use, produces pristine vapour and excellent flavour. Nothing more you need from a device like this. The Solo’s famous flavour is achieved through its premium ceramic stainless steel chamber, and glass air path.

Black weed vape. One of the best weed vaporizers in 2020

Click here to view and/or purchase the Arizer Solo 2!

Top Stationary Vaporizers in 2020

These vaporizers are deemed “at-home / stationary use” because of the size and weight of them. They are perfect for your desktop or anywhere else you want to have a good sesh! These are also great for family, friends, or other gatherings as multiple people can take hits from them!

4: Plenty Vaporizer

Crafted by the makers of the volcano, this vape is world-renowned for its quality of vapour and the size of clouds.
The Plenty is an affordable, impressive and robust handheld vaporizer that bridges the gap between desktop devices and portable models. It is a hybrid as it needs to be plugged in to function. The heat exchange is furnished with a double helix, which helps to ensure efficient air heating while also proving high-yield vaporization. On top of that, the stainless steel extended cooling coil makes sure your vapour is as cool and smooth as possible before it hits the mouthpiece.

the orange and black vape has a great look.  One of best weed vaporizers in 2020

Click here to view and/or purchase The Plenty!

3: Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer

The new Extreme Q Vaporizer launched by Arizer is one of today’s most versatile desktop Vapes. It looks sleek and features an elegant design. It is in our opinion one of the best vaporizers on the market today, for the price. It is also the first remote-controlled vaporizer in the world. With this remote, both temperature and fan speed are accurately controlled. With so many functions for such a low price, you can’t go wrong!

one of the best weed vaporizers with a chrome finish and remote control. one of the best weed vaporizers in 2020

Click here to view and/or purchase the Arizer Extreme Q!

2: Volcano Classic Vaporizer

The volcano is the most prominent vape in the industry. Known for being luxurious, well-built, and well respected this desktop vaporizer has taken the cannabis world over by storm. With many fun features like patented balloon technology, this unit is great for anyone! With luxury comes the price tag that follows, the volcano is priced among the highest on this list, but it’s definitely worth every penny!

a chrome vape with buttons on the front. One of the best weed vaporizers

Click here to view and/or purchase the Volcano Classic!

1: Volcano Digit Vaporizer

Known as the Ferrari of the vape world. The Volcano Digit Vaporizer from Storz & Bickel is one of the most illustrious, well-respected and technologically advanced dry herb vaporizers available on the market in 2019. This model comes with increased temperature control, new upgraded precision heating and greater user accessibility. If your looking for luxury, you’ve come to the right place. One of the best stationary weed vaporizers in 2020 and in the world.

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