9 Weed Edible Recipes with Cannabis Oil

Here is a list of 9 weed edible recipes with cannabis oil. When it comes to making edibles with cannabis oil, you have a large variety of foods that you can infuse it into. These create some awesome edibles you couldn’t make otherwise. Cannabis-infused cooking oil is a great versatile cooking medium that edible connoisseurs have been utilizing for a long time.

If you don’t have cannabis-infused cooking oil and want to learn how to make it, we have made a comprehensive guide that teaches you how to easily make it at home.

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List of 9 Weed Edible Recipes

Weed Churros

A white plate with lots of cannabis infused Churros on it with chocolate sauce in the middle of the plate that one churro is being dipped into

Weed churros are a delicious dessert edible that you can easily make by infusing them with cannabis-infused cooking oil. These tasty treats are perfect to share with your friends and family! They are also great to take on the go as a quick snack!

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Weed Potato Chips

Macro shot of weed infused potato chip on the wooden countertop

When it comes to the munchies, potato chips are always at the top of everyone’s list. They are quick, easy, and very accessible. Now we have a recipe so you can make weed potato chips using cannabis-infused cooking oil! This recipe is one of our favourites due to the simplicity of it.

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Weed French Fries

weed infused french fries shot in macro

French fries are some of the most popular snacks on the planet! Just cut a potato up and your good to go! Now we have made a tasty edible recipe using cannabis-cooking oil. Infuse it with the fries to create an awesome weed edible that will impress anyone you show!

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Weed Gummy Worms

Colourful Fruity cannabis Gummy Worm Candies in a red bowl on a wooden tabe

Candy is always a favourite among people with munchies! Now with the help of cannabis-cooking oil, you can make some tasty weed gummy worms. These are quick, simple, and taste even better. Bring them around as a quick snack or share them with your friends and family!

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Weed Carrot Cake

Cannabis infused carrot cake with white icing and decorative carrots on top. Other food in the background all on a white table

Carrot cake is an American classic! Now you can infuse it at home to make a weed carrot cake. This edible recipe with cannabis oil is a must-try dessert treat and is perfect for gatherings with your friends and family. Just infuse it with some cannabis-cooking oil and you’re all set.

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Weed Devilled Eggs

cannabis infused devilled eggs with paprika sprinkled over them. tomato in the background out of focus

Morning eggs just got better with this edible recipe. Spice up your morning by making some weed devilled eggs. This cannabis edible is fun to make and hits the spot! Using cannabis-cooking oil for the infusion and you’re ready to go.

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Weed Gummy Bears

Weed infused gummy bears with cannabis oil

Weed gummy bears are some of the most popular weed edibles out there! In recent years these have become some of the biggest weed edibles in the industry. By infusing your mixture with cannabis cooking oil, you can make these tasty treats in the comfort of your own home. The recipe is very straight forward, simple, and costs almost nothing to make! There’s no reason why you shouldn’t make these awesome edibles.

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Weed Peanut Butter Cookies

Cannabis infused peanut butter cookies with cannabis oil

Weed peanut butter cookies are an edible classic! This simple infusion is easy enough for anyone to make at home. the great thing about cookies is that you can use them for days to come! Share them with your friends and family and they will be forever grateful.

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Weed Pizza

Cannabis infused Pizza with cannabis cooking oil

Pizza! Every cannabis connoisseurs go-to munchie or late-night snack. Almost everyone loves pizza, but it just got even better. Now you can infuse it with cannabis-cooking oil to make an amazing weed pizza. One of the best edible recipes with cannabis oil. Perfect for parties or small gatherings. It’s easy to dose and even easier to make!

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