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Is CBD Safe for Pets – Benefits of CBD for Pets

When it comes to your beloved animals you only want the best for them. That’s why CBD or Cannabidiol is a great alternative to conventional medicine and other supplements. CBD is 100% natural and there is no evidence to suggest it’s harmful to consume. It has many therapeutic and medicinal […]

How Are Hemp CBD Oil and Cannabis CBD Oil Different?

Hemp and Cannabis Oil? What’s the difference you may ask? In this blog, we will discuss the ways these two different CBD oils are unique and what you should know! When it comes to the chemical structure of these two oils, there both considered “Cannabidiol” (CBD). The main difference is […]

5 ways to use cannabis without smoking it

Many people who are interested in cannabis are not interested in the prospect of smoking it. Luckily, nowadays there are so many other options out there. Smoking cannabis is becoming less and less common because people understand that smoking anything is going to have negative health effects on our lungs. […]