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Man with beard smoking cannabis outside with a glass pipe. Smoke coming out of his mouth and the white pipe

How to Not Look High | Incognito Stoner Guide

We’ve all been there. Needing to learn how to not look high.  You thought you had the rest of the night to relax and enjoy some time to yourself, where you don’t have to worry about anyone else or being any other version of yourself than the one you know […]

The Best Things to do while High

Being high in itself is an enjoyable experience.  Although cannabis affects each person differently, affects include happiness, a relaxed feeling, altered perceptions of time and the senses, and an increased appetite.  All of this helps make you feel great – but why not take that experience up a notch by […]

Weed sploof made with dryer sheets, elastics, and toilet paper. DIY sploof

How to Make a Sploof With or Without Dryer Sheets

Learning how to make a sploof can be a game-changer, especially if done correctly. This post will show you two methods that I’ve used for years. The first method will be an upgraded version of the standard toiler paper roll sploof, and the second method will be a tutorial on […]

Is CBD Safe for Pets – Benefits of CBD for Pets

When it comes to your beloved animals you only want the best for them. That’s why CBD or Cannabidiol is a great alternative to conventional medicine and other supplements. CBD is 100% natural and there is no evidence to suggest it’s harmful to consume. It has many therapeutic and medicinal […]