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How do Trichomes get you High

The cannabis plant produces resinous hair-like structures which erect from the flower of the bud. Trichomes contain THC which house the psychoactive effects of weed and when activated produce a euphoric “high”. What are Trichomes? The definition of a trichome is a small hair or other outgrowths from the epidermis […]

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Is cannabis a psychedelic?

Although cannabis is not regarded as a psychedelic, some people have profound experiences when using cannabis that can seem psychedelic. We’re going to try and cover all the research out there on cannabis being related to psychedelics. What is a psychedelic? First of all, I think it’s important to go […]

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Best Ways to Smoke Weed in 2019

When it comes to smoking weed there is no shortage of alternatives and unique methods. Everyone has a favourite way of smoking, but there’s always room to experiment and learn some new stuff. Look no further! The best ways to smoke weed in 2019 – complete beginner’s guide is here! […]

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How to make weed edibles – How to make cannabis butter

There’s plenty of online stores and dispensary’s where you can buy cannabis edibles, but what’s the fun in that? There’s something to making edibles yourself, especially when they turn out great! This is our comprehensive guide on how to create weed edibles. What you’re going to need Before we start, […]

a purple cannabis nugget is growing from the plant.

What Makes Weed Purple? Is Purple Weed Better?

When it comes to the colour of your cannabis, misinformation runs rampant. “Purple Weed” seems to hold a symbolic and mythical value attached to it in the cannabis world. This sought after cannabis has been put on a pedestal. You may ask why this is and is there any truth […]