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a pan of cannabis-infused rice krispy edibles. the brown rice crispies are in a square shape.

How to Make Weed-Infused Rice Krispy Edibles

When it comes to the famous Rice Krispies, there’s no shortage of recipes. But have you ever tried Rice Krispies edibles before? Well, now you can! Introducing weed-infused rice krispy edibles. A super simple recipe that only requires 3 ingredients! The main ingredient being cannabis butter. If you don’t have […]

Cannabis-infused goo balls, the best weed edible that doesn't require baking!

Cannabis-Infused Goo Balls | Weed Edible Recipe

Goo Balls, a blend of a little bit of everything. Now with the finishing touch and infusion with cannabis! Introducing Cannabis-Infused Goo Balls! These tasty snacks are super simple to make and get the job done! What you Need to Make Cannabis-Infused Goo Balls There is one ingredient you probably […]

Weed infused apple crisp. the golden crust shows on the outside with the juicy apples underneath.

How to Make Cannabis-Infused Apple Crisp

When it comes to healthy desserts, Apple Crisp is defiantly one of the tastiest! When you infuse it with cannabis, you are creating a whole new level of the crisp. Introducing cannabis-infused apple crisp, the healthy edible dessert alternative. This super tasty and potent weed edible will satisfy your hunger […]

weed maple syrup cannabis edible. The maple syrup shaped bottle holds the golden color syrup inside.

How to Make Weed-Infused Maple Syrup | 2 Different Methods

Weed-Infused Maple Syrup eh? Every Canadians favourite breakfast topping just got better, introducing weed-infused maple syrup! One of the tastiest edibles mediums we have made to date. This weed recipe is very easy to make and doesn’t include a lot of ingredients at all. This article will feature 2 different […]