The Best and Most Affordable LED Grow Light in 2020

When creating an indoor grow setup, there’s one thing you can’t cheap out on. That’s your cannabis grow light. This is what will make or break your harvest. If you plant don’t get enough light, they will never reach their full potential. The best led grow lights on the market […]

How to germinate cannabis seeds

How to Germinate Cannabis Seeds

How to germinate cannabis seeds with for beginners the easiest possible way. This was my first time growing indoor cannabis in my entire life. I had no clue where to start, so I just bought some cannabis seeds and told myself I would figure out the rest later. The first […]

The Freeze Pipe Review

The Freeze Pipe seems to be popping up everywhere right now. It’s a glass pipe that fills up with liquid. To use it, you put it in the freezer for one hour and let the liquid freeze. Supposedly, the frozen liquid delivers ice-cold hits. But, is it worth the money, […]

USD cash with cannabis nugs and joints on top of it. Wax pen on top of the money

20 of The Best Cannabis Affiliate Programs 2019

If you have wondered how you can make money in the cannabis industry without selling cannabis, look no further. With more and more states legalizing cannabis, people are starting to realize the economic capabilities of this industry. Here is a List of some of the best cannabis affiliate programs out […]