How to Make a Fancy Weed Edible Dinner

Learn how to cook and make a fancy weed edible dinner. When it comes to making a gourmet dinner, you need to be able to impress all your guests, friends, and family. This gourmet fancy weed edible dinner does just that and beyond. A five-course dinner with all cannabis-infused dishes throughout. There are so many mg of THC in this dinner you probably only need to infuse one or two of the dishes, only edible connoisseurs will attempt to eat the entire infused dinner.

The Appetizers

Every fancy dinner needs to include some tasty appetizers. These are a staple when it comes to making any type of five-course gourmet meals. Here are two perfect cannabis-infused appetizers to start your fancy dinner off.

Cannabis-infused Calamari

deep fried cannabis infused calamari rings with salad beside them on the plate

To start off this gourmet weed edible dinner, a fresh side of cannabis-infused calamari starts the night off right! This fancy appetizer is potent and is easy enough for beginners to make at home. Your guests will be blown away when they learn that the calamari is actually a weed edible.

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Weed Garlic Bread

a bowl of cannabis infused garlic bread on a kitchen towel on a wooden surface. A fancy weed edible side dish.

Garlic bread is a must when it comes to appetizers or side dishes for most dinners. Especially with what we have for the main course, this combines perfectly with it. It tastes great and is super easy to make. Now with the help of cannabutter, you can infuse it to make weed garlic bread. This appetizer is perfect for this dinner.

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The Main Course

This is the most important part of the meal. Everyone needs to leave feeling satisfied and full. In particular, this main course does just that and more. A freshly marinated cannabis-infused steak will have everyone delighted.

Marijuana-Infused Steak

Weed steak with slices cut out of it on a cutting board with a knife and other cooking utensils beside it. There is a glass of wine and a plate of peppers in the background, A fancy weed edible dinner.

This weed edible is very simple to make, tastes great, and makes you look like a pro chef! The taste of the steak and overall rating of the dinner will depend on the quality of meat you purchase. We went with a AAA Angus Beef Striploin steak, which was quite expensive. Furthermore, any cut of beef will work for this recipe, it’s all about your personal preference.

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The Side Dishes

The side dishes are meant to compliment your meal. We chose two perfect side dishes to pair with this gourmet dinner.

Cannabis Bruschetta

A slice of cannabis infused bruschetta I wooden cutting boardWith lots of other pieces of weed bruschetta in the background

Add some Italian flavour to your dish and make yourself some cannabis-infused bruschetta! With the help of cannabutter for the infusion, this edible pairs perfectly with the steak.

Click here to learn how to make weed bruschetta!

Weed Salad

weed infused salad on a wooden cutting board on a wooden countertop. A fancy weed edible side dish.

For the second side dish, we had to include a weed salad. Paired with the steak and bruschetta, it just makes the meal that much better. With the help of cannabis-infused salad dressing, this edible get’s the job done!

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The Dessert

Finally, to finish off this gourmet weed edible dinner, we needed to add a delicious dessert to end things off.

Weed Lava Cake

Cannabis infused chocolate lava cake with a scoop of ice cream on top of it and all of this is on a wooden plate. A fancy weed edible dessert.

What better way to end this list of then with a delicious weed lava cake. This fancy edible dessert will leave you and your guests feeling full and satisfied. The lava cake is made by infusing cannabutter which when made, is fairly potent. A perfect treat to end your gourmet dinner off.

Click here to learn how to make weed lava cake!

In Conclusion

In conclusion to this fancy weed edible dinner, we hope you enjoyed it! Leave a comment below if you tried it and also what your favourite dish was on this list.

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