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We’ve all been there. Needing to learn how to not look high.  You thought you had the rest of the night to relax and enjoy some time to yourself, where you don’t have to worry about anyone else or being any other version of yourself than the one you know best.  You inhale a nice breath of cannabis and sit back to enjoy the effects. 

But then it happens – you get a call from a friend or maybe your parents want to swing by for a visit.  So how do you avoid looking like you’re stoned out of your noggin?  Here are a few ways to keep your toke session under wraps.

Here’s What You’ll Need to do to Not Look High

man with a bong and electric weed grinder handing the electric grinder to another person
Bong & grinder at 4/20 rally

Put in eye drops

box of visine red eye relief eye drops to help cover red eyes from smoking cannabis. this helps to not look high.

If someone suspects that you are under the influence of cannabis the first thing they will look at is your eyes. Eyedrops will cover this up perfectly. If you’d like to buy some, you can here.

Chew mint Chewing Gum

If you do happen to talk to someone the last thing you want is them smelling your weed-breath. 1 piece of gum will solve this problem.

Wash or sanitize your hands

After you smoke cannabis your hands are going to smell like weed, especially if you’ve just smoked a joint. Make sure to wash your hands to cover up this smell.

Skip the cologne & perfume

Many beginners like to have a cologne shower right after they finish smoking. This is a bad idea in my opinion because it doesn’t even cover the smell of cannabis, it just mixes with it. On top of that, if someone suspects that you have smoked, and you smell like a bottle of cologne, it seems like you’re trying to cover something up… which you are. Skip the cologne.

Change your outfit

This is for someone who is very nervous about others thinking they smoked cannabis. The smell will stick to your clothes so changing outfits is going to remove that smell completely off of you. Again, to most this is going to be overkill but if it works for you, go for it!

Fake it ‘til You Make It

person pretending to not be high in front of friends and family.

You’ve heard this before.  The key to making this work is your belief in yourself.  Pretend that you are the most confident, intimidating person in the room.  How does one do that?  What ways does one exude confidence?  Walk with your shoulders back, head held high, and a smile on your face.  Pay attention to how you are walking, standing, or sitting.  Body language says a lot about the state of mind, and it’s easy for others to pick up on the slouched posture good smoke permits. It doesn’t matter if these aren’t the feelings you embrace when you are enjoying your high by yourself or with close friends, the point is to convince everyone else that you do. 

Acting a certain way allows your brain to practice these actions.  Therefore, you are training yourself to act in these ways, and eventually, they will become part of your typical behaviour.  Practice makes perfect!  Remember, there is no sign on your forehead telling everyone you just had a great smoke session. 

Avoid Conversation Topics that Are Too Deep

Sometimes, marijuana can make you think and say things in a much different way than when you are sober.  This is arguably one of the best effects of partaking in a session.  Smoking can help your creative juices flow and help to remove mental filters to think about ordinary topics in an extraordinary way. 

Person who is high on cannabis gazing into a firework show. how not to look high, be in darkness.

Your conversations follow your thoughts.  New ways of thinking are great – but it’s also a sure giveaway that you are high.  So, how do you avoid doing so?  Try to limit your responses to five words or less.  Keep it short and simple.  The less you say, the less of a chance others will be able to tell that you are high.  Do not ask questions.  This will help guide you to not look high.

There are ways to politely bring a conversation to a close.  If your mother-in-law is dragging on and you want to find a way out, you can try a few strategies.  Look busy.  Making yourself look preoccupied will send a visual signal to her that now may not be the best time to talk, as you are trying to concentrate on whatever task is at hand.  Excuse yourself.  Politely stop for a minute or two, then excuse yourself to the restroom or to your quiet hiding place until she leaves your place.  Pass off your mother-in-law to someone else.  Pull your spouse or someone else into the conversation and guide the conversation to topics that person can discuss at length – shifting the focus from you to that other person.

Not Looking High Means Not Smelling Like Weed!

Marijuana is one of those smells that needs no explanation.  Much like coffee beans, you know what it is when you smell it.  So, it follows that if you are trying to hide your smoke session, you should also be covering any resulting smells on your jacket or other clothing items.  It’s human nature to find the source of distinct smells – so if others smell it on you, there will be no way of hiding it. 

Cannabis bud on table with topical oil surrounding it. The oil has been dripped artistically around the bud to make the shape of a heart.

There are a few products to help with the smell that you should keep in your covert high arsenal.  Keep hand sanitizer on hand to rid yourself of both the smell and the lingering green residue from breaking up that flower.  Sometimes, hand sanitizer makes your skin feel extra dry.  No one wants that, so also keep a great-smelling lotion with you.  Hand lotions are a wonderful camouflage for your hands and fingertips that you used to roll that perfect blunt. 

How to Not Look High: Refresh Your Face

Person washing their face in a river after they've smoked cannabis. a method to not look high.

This tip may seem like it’s just for the ladies, but everyone benefits from a little refresh after a toke session. Have you ever gotten so high that you feel like you need a shower to get a fresh reset?  This may be a great option if you have the time before your surprise guests make it over to your place, but what if you don’t have that luxury?  Facial wipes are perfect for these moments.  A quick swipe across the face with a wet wipe will bring your senses back to life. This is one way not to look high. Facial wipes also provide other great benefits as well, including mild exfoliation of the skin and they can be helpful to sensitive, dry skin by adding some much-needed moisture. 

Aside from the rest of your face, the eyes are a feature you can’t ignore when covering your high.  The inner pressure in your eyes drops when you smoke, causing expanded blood vessels and red, glossed-over eyes.  The best fix for this is a proper eye drop.  Find a brand that states relief for red eyes.  Once you find the eye drops that work for you, focus on the outward appearance of your eyes as well.  Stop squinting.  Cannabis causes the pupils to dilate, meaning you will be more sensitive to lights when you are high.  Avoid bright lights and try to keep your eyes more open than normal to hide your high. 

Avoid Food

Cannabis infused Pizza. A method to not look high.
Learn how to make weed pizza here

You know that feeling – the feeling that you could eat anything and everything after you enjoy that blunt.  If you are trying to conceal your stoned mind, it may be best to avoid all food altogether.  You don’t need to be scarfing down everyone’s portion of snacks – that’s a sure sign that you have taken a few puffs.  Take yourself to the kitchen and get a large glass of water.  Eat all of the snacks once your guests leave. If you’re looking for some great infused recipes, check here!

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