OTTO Grinder by Banana Bros Review | How The OTTO Grinder Works


The OTTO grinder seems to be picking up some traction as of late. People have been raving about this thing for some time now, so I decided to pick one up. If you’re unfamiliar with the OTTO grinder, it’s an electric grinder that doubles as an automatic joint roller. In this review, I’m going to share with you my first impressions, how the grinder works, and my overall review.

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How The OTTO Grinder Works

The OTTO grinder has 2 main compartments. The first compartment is the grinder itself. This is where you put the cannabis to be ground, and from an outside view, this compartment looks just like any other normal grinder. But, it’s not like every other grinder. When you push the button on the outside, the grinder automatically busts the cannabis.

OTTO grinder product image. White background of electric weed grinder

 The second compartment is where the cone goes. This is where the ground cannabis falls into the cone to make a joint.

First Impressions of The OTTO Grinder

The first thing I noticed about this grinder is the sleek unique look. The banana bros have successfully made a product that stands out from all the other options out there. It comes in nice packaging which is expected for a $180 grinder.  Setup was very easy and the instructions were clear.

Review of The OTTO Grinder

Watch this video on YouTube.

The OTTO grinder has quickly become my favourite grinder. Friends are always talking to me when I have it out, and overall it’s just fun to use. Unlike other electric grinders where you hold the button, the OTTO grinder is a one-click system. You push the button and watch it do its magic. This might not seem like much, but I love this feature.

OTTO grinder by banana bros sitting on a white background with a joint inside the machine.
OTTO grinder creating perfect joints

There are two negatives to this grinder in my opinion:

The OTTO grinder is not something I use outside of my own home. This is not the most portable piece.

The OTTO grinder is expensive. $180 is A LOT for a grinder, especially when you can get grinders that bust-up cannabis the same for $20 or less.

OTTO grinder packaging with the electric grinder beside it on a white background
OTTO grinder packaging

Is The OTTO Grinder Worth The Price?

A high-quality electric grinder that also packs joints doesn’t exist anywhere else to my knowledge. I think a good comparison would be with an iPhone. It’s a bit expensive, but you get exactly what you expect.  The OTTO Grinder, in my opinion, is worth the price. I think I would like it more if it was $150, but nevertheless, I’m still happy with my purchase. If you’re looking to get a new electric grinder, I would definitely recommend the OTTO Grinder. If you’d like to purchase the OTTO grinder, you can here.

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