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cup of weed coffee laying beside coffee beans.
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How to Make Weed Coffee

Start your morning off right with this weed coffee! Wake up, feel refreshed, and get a dose of cannabis while you’re at it! This recipe is super simple to make, and only requires a few ingredients! If you are just skimming through this article, make sure to check out the […]

two glasses of weed infused bubble tea on a tray
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7 Weed Edible Drink Recipes!

A comprehensive list of 7 weed edible drink recipes. When it comes to edible drink recipes, they are just so good! The simplicity of each recipe along with the great taste is what makes these recipes stand out. These are great recipes to share with your friends or family as […]

cannabis infused fried calamari rings on a wooden cutting board with a lime in the background out of focus
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8 Weed Edible Appetizer Recipes

Appetizers are a must before a big dinner! What better way to start the night then to eat some cannabis-infused appetizers? Well, now you can with these awesome 8 weed edible appetizer recipes! These range from beginner to more advanced recipes, so for all you edible connoisseurs your in for […]

Two jars with weed hot chocolate in them on a wooden cutting board. Lots of cutlery and cups in the background
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How to Make Weed Hot Chocolate

If you’ve ever wanted to add some more cannabis edible drink recipes to your collection, weed hot chocolate is a great one to add! This amazing edible recipe takes 15 minutes from start to finish & serves 3. If you’re just skimming this post, make sure to check out the […]

Cannabis infused Pizza
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9 Weed Edible Recipes with Cannabis Oil

Here is a list of 9 weed edible recipes with cannabis oil. When it comes to making edibles with cannabis oil, you have a large variety of foods that you can infuse it into. These create some awesome edibles you couldn’t make otherwise. Cannabis-infused cooking oil is a great versatile […]