Stoner Gifts on Amazon | 30 of the Best Weed Gift Ideas


A mechanic can’t fix anything without tools. A gardener cannot mow the garden without a mower. Likewise, a stoner can’t really relish and savour the true essence of cannabis if he/she is missing out on the right gear. This article will go over 30 of the best stoner gifts on Amazon!

If you have someone in your life that is very dear to you and also happens to be a stoner, you can now get them the perfect stoner gift that resonates with their unique personality. Next up is a list of 30 of the best stoner gifts on Amazon!

Best Gifts for Stoners

Choosing the right gift for someone can literally take ages. Among other factors, the neverending list of products online and in-stores adds insult to injury. Unless you’re really into the constantly evolving product ecosystems and have kept a close eye on the latest trends and creative innovations, finding a gift for your loved one can turn out to be a tedious task.

This is where we come in. We’ve done the research for you and compiled a list of the best stoner gifts items on Amazon that are light on the pocket and are readily available. With plentiful satisfied customer testimonials, we have compiled a list of products that will not only serve as a perfect gift for your friend, but will also tempt you to get one or two for yourself.

Highway 420 Metal Plate

A 420 weed sign that's one of the best stoner gifts. It has "HWY 420" on the front.

Price: $12.80

The Highway 420 Aluminium Metal Plate can serve as the perfect wall sign. Put it up in a hallway at your place or hang it outside the door to let your homies know what’s cookin’ (or rather bakin’) inside. With a glossy embellished look; it is designed for longevity and to withstand all weather conditions. Any pothead would be more than happy to have this put up on a wall where he/she chills.

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Hurry now because your personalized 420 lair is only missing this sign! If you liked this, check out these other metal plate options as well:

The “Sorry we’re STONED” Metal Sign

"Sorry we're stoned" weed sign sold on Amazon. This is one of the best stoner gifts.

Price: $18.97

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The “STONER Avenue” Sign

Stoner Ave. Weed sign. The green rusted sign is one of the stoner gifts on this list.

Price: $11.99

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Anodized Aluminum Alloy 2.5 inch Weed Grinder

Black weed grinder that anodized and looks futuristic. The grinder is a three-piece variant. One of the best stoner gifts.

Price: $13.99

A classy handheld weed grinder is the perfect practical gift you can give to your beloved stoner friend! The grinder has a diamond-like cutting process with razor-sharp teeth that leave behind no debris. Its minimalistic yet appealing design is bound to turn some heads. And the best part? It is available in 6 colors! Get your hands on it here!

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You can check out these other grinders if you’d like a different design:

VIVOSUN Aluminum Herb Grinder

Price: $13.99

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Green Monkey Herb Grinder Green

Price: $18.99

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Raw Unrefined Classic Rolling Papers (Pack of 6)

RAW natural rolling papers sold on Amazon. The picture includes 5 packs of rolling papers. One of the best stoner gifts ideas.

Price: $5.45

This is a perfect stocking stuffer as every casual stoner likes to roll up once in awhile! RAW is an all natural rolling paper that’s 100% vegan. You can’t beat that!

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Zippo Flower Lighter

Price: $44.79

The Zippo Lighter has always been a symbol of luxury among smokers and has served as one of the perfect stoner gifts ever. This Cannabis Leaf engraved metal refillable lighter is a classic timepiece. Not only can it serve as collectible but can get all your stoner buddies drooling over it the next time there is a “high” party.

There is no age limit to who can own a Zippo. It looks classy among men/women and upbeat among young individuals. Zippos come in a variety of designs and you can even get your own design printed or engraved! 

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Check out similar Zippo lighters here:

“King of Pot” Zippo Lighter

Zippo "king of pot" lighter. The metal lighter makes it on the list of best stoner gifts.

Price: $28.95

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Psychedelic Zippo Lighter

Price: $18.06

Here’s one if you prefer a bit more funky design to represent your psychedelic experience.

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That Zippo is great if you prefer a bit more of a funky design to represent your psychedelic experience. If funky lighters are not your thing, check out this ultra-fine, sophisticated marijuana lighter:

Plain Weed Leaf Zippo Lighter

Price: $21.95

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RAW Smoker’s Kit

Price: $29.95

RAW has been making exquisite stoner products for quite some time now. From rolling papers, pipes, bongs and other limited edition collectibles, RAW is a well known company throughout the world among cannabis connoisseurs. 

This stoner gift box includes an air-tight carrying case, 3 types of Raw rolling papers, a cigarette maker, pre-rolled tips, a 4-piece grinder and some more small accessories like the raw magnifying card and a hemp wick all for less than 30 dollars! Now isn’t that a steal?!

It is the perfect all-rounder smokey kit any budhead would love to have. This neatly packaged box can be wrapped in a gift paper of your choice or could be presented as-is because it’s plain exterior is pretty classy on its own.

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Cannabolish Smoke Odor Eliminating Candle

Price: $26.99

The Odor Eliminating candle is yet another practical and fine-drawn gift for your friends who want to remain discreet about their high-life. This odour-eliminating candle is especially perfect for couples or buddies sharing a living space. A thoughtful gesture and a pocket-friendly gift, the 7 oz. candle comes in a recyclable glass jar that has a brown paper labelling and packaging giving us all the old-school feels. It is made up of all-natural ingredients such as beeswax, soy wax and plant oils and is completely free of paraffin wax, phthalates, sulphates and parabens. Check it out here!

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Cigarette Holder for Women

Price: $5.99

This one is especially for our ladies! (Although it can be used by gentlemen as well). This Amazon product’s sophisticated and sturdy design is meant to prevent discoloration of fingers that occurs when you regularly hold a cigarette. The best part is that it can be adjusted to hold cigarettes/blunts of all sizes! Available in shades of gold and silver, you can give it to the woman in your life that you think can make smoking look stylish with this!

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Stoner Christmas Gifts

Christmas is the season of love, forgiveness, acceptance and gifts. People across the globe present gifts with their loved ones to express love and gratitude towards one another. It is an auspicious occasion that calls for celebration, feasting and togetherness. Keeping in view the spirit of Christmas, we have compiled a list of products that you can delight your stoner friend with. 

Marijuana Crystal Earrings

Price: $9.99

Starting off the Christmas gifts list with one for our stoner babes! These crystal earrings, available in silver, golden and green colour variants are made from the highest quality metal and are sure to make any girl smile. Make a grand gesture this Christmas by delicately packing these statement jewellery pieces in a cute Christmas box with a card that she will (along with this gift) cherish forever!

Don’t worry about a faulty piece (as often happens with jewellery and metal pieces), Lux accessories will replace a bad earring within 30 days of complaint!

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Weed Leaf Green Rhinestones Earrings

Price: $7.90

Also check out this second pair of earrings that we’re totally in love with. The makers of this beautiful silhouette paid great attention to detail while designing this to make the green stones look like fuzzy leaf trichomes of the Cannabis plant. 

Glittering with an underlying Cannabis Green tone, they are perfect for the Christmas after-party! Buy the Lux Accessories Gold Tone Pot Leaf Rhinestones Earrings here!

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DowBier 3D Illusion Multi Colors USB Desk Lamp Room Decoration

  Price: $15.85

Light up your leaf in this very glowy lamp that burns (not literally) in 7 different colours! The perfect nightlight for your stoner buddies. Light up your favourite colour when you’re getting high and keep touching to change the colour according to your mood and watch your experience “get lit”. It also doesn’t get hot upon usage and so is a safe choice for your stoner friend if they have children in the house. These are perfect stoner gifts for Christmas. I wonder if we could place this as the Christmas tree topper though.. Hmm

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Cannabis Leaf Socks

Price: $13.95

Nothing screams Christmas like Socks! Give the classic Christmas gift a twist and gift your beloved stoner a pair of these cute Weed Socks. These off-white and green toned socks are subtle enough to be worn to most occasions and yet funky enough to have fellow potheads gush over them. These 85% polyester and 10% cotton socks gifted in combination with a pre-rolled joint are the perfect Christmas celebration starter pack.

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If emojis and cartoon figures are not your thing, check out these monotone weed socks instead:

Cotton Weed Leaf Casual Socks – 5 PairsPrice: $11.59

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Psst! Here’s another funky design you could totally rock on all your parties and gym runs:

Funny Weed Socks

Price: $12.88

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Full-Size Rolling Tray Bundle – Rolling Machine + King Size Raw Rolling Papers:

Price: $12.99


  • Full size cigarette rolling tray
  • One pack of 110mm RAW rolling papers
  • One 110mm roller machine
  • One plastic loader    

With a unique matte finish giving an elegant feel, the durable aluminum tray is .35mm thick. Coupled with a 110mm roller machine, you can leave the rolling part to this beauty by RAW. 

Product packs are always a great gift idea. They give a fuller look and are very practical for the person they’re being gifted to. This tray is also available in 6 different tray variants so you and your nug buds can have the freedom to buy the one that resonates with your smoking style and preference. Get your hands on this product here:

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FIREDOG Smell Proof Bag Kit 

    Price: $24.99

FireDog offers a lifetime guarantee on this bag kit. Now, how’s that for a start? But wait, there’s more. Crafted from premium PU leather and lined with activated carbon renders, this odour free pouch can be locked. Yes! You heard that right. The lock, made of heavy-duty aluminum alloy, is a very durable one thanks to its careful design. The pouch contains:

  1. A 2″ Herb Grinder 
  2. A Metal Rolling Tray with a Rick and Morty picture
  3. 4 Doob Tubes

Another Product bundle alert! This discreet pouch is perfect for travelling and everyday use! Not only will it fit a rolling tray inside it, but also the Doob Tubes that are meant to keep your joints free from moisture. Go get your friend one and also do yourself a favour by getting one for yourself while you’re at it.

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Bamboo Stash Box

Complete bamboo stash box with grinder and packing tool. This item makes it on the list of best stoner gifts.

Price: $29.99

This Lockable Bamboo Wood Box comes with: 

  1. A Grinder
  2. UV Glass Stash jar
  3. A Combination Lock 

Made from 100% bamboo, this classy stash box that can be locked to secure your buds. It is smell proof thanks to the activated carbon lining inside and is a practical solution for a stoner’s discretion needs. It comes with a combination lock and gives an overall classic, vintage look. The UV glass stash jar keeps harmful sun rays out so that your weed can last for as long as possible and the zinc alloy grinder lets you sit back and relax as it does all the hard work for you. The company also offers a one-year warranty on its product which is actually not bad considering the affordable price tag on this. Wrap it up in a Christmas red bow and watch your stoner friend grin from ear to ear while receiving this! Order it here!

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SARA NELL Weed Cloth Hanging

 Price: $18.99

This high-quality polyester made tapestry is both beautiful and durable. Use it as a wall hanging, a picnic blanket or put it over your table as the table cloth, the possibilities for its usage are endless! This tapestry comes in the following four sizes:

  • 50″x 60″
  • 60″x 70″
  • 60″x 80″
  • 60″x 90”

 The cloth is printed using high-definition digital printing which makes the colours bright and vivid and gives your house an automatic mood uplift. Thinking of someone’s wall while looking at this product? Gift it to them now!

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Funny Weed Gift Ideas

Marijuana and humour go side by side. The euphoric feeling associated with blazing Mary Jane is often followed by countless laughter sessions when you’re smoking that spliff with your homies. There is a lot of funny weed-related products on the market and we have made a humble attempt to bring you some exclusive products on Amazon that caught our attention. Here are some funny weed gift ideas!

Gnaughty Gnomes Series –  Ashtray 

"gnaughty gnome" ashtray with a gnome holding and smoking a joint and pot leaf on the tray. This item makes it on the list of best stoner gifts.

Price $: 12.95

This ashtray from the World Of Wonders is truly one of our favourites. Look at how Gnaughty Gnome has a big smile on his face and a spliff between his fingers; the perfect ashtray a stoner could possibly ask for. The Cannabis Leaf painted in bright green colour at the base, stands out from the homogenous charcoal colour of the ashtray. Made from cold-cast polyresin this timeless collectible is durable and meticulously crafted and so is suitable for Cannabis ash use or even for decoration purposes. The attention to detail on this artwork is just puff-ect!

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Check out another masterpiece of the gnaughty gnomes series: 

Gnaughty Gnome Stash Box

Price: $19.95

This Gnome Holding a Bong is the perfect watchdog for your Cannabis stash. Priced at $19.95, you can store your jewellery or keys in there too. He won’t tell anyone we promise! Besides, everyone would be too busy laughing at his cute, stoned face and won’t even think about opening the jar!

However, If you’re not a fan of the gnome, check out this chilling Jamaican instead, he’s pretty hilarious too and is a potential good-quality, funny weed gift for your stoner friend!

Click here to purchase this item!

Jamaican Chilling Man Holding Joint Ashtray

Price: $15.95

Click here to purchase this item!

Drunk Stoned or Stupid [A Party Game]

Price: $18.00

This game is the real deal ladies and gentlemen. It is a party game for more than 3 players aged 18 and above. With over 7000+ ratings on Amazon, this one is a fairly popular party game among recreational substance users. 

The card-based game involves one player being crowned as a judge. Another player then picks a card from the deck of 250 prompt cards and decides who among the players is most close to what’s written on the card. It turns into a pretty humorous game within the first few rounds and then keeps you; hooked, the party; going and the joint; rollin’. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to play, it is a very user-friendly game which means that even a newbie can learn it by just giving the manual a quick read.

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The Rick & Morty Stoner Bundle

Price: $26.99

Rick and Morty are simply hilarious. Anyone who has watched Rick & Morty will agree with me on this. With a rock-solid fan base, the cartoon series is loved across the globe. They are also fairly popular among drug users because of the show’s primary focus on Rick & Morty’s different drug experiences.

The Combo kit includes:

  • One  2.5” Grinder 
  • One 75ml Alloy Jar 
  • A Rolling Tray

The rolling tray is made of metal while the grinder is part-alloy. The 75ml jar is smell-proof, therefore, it can also come in handy for storing stash while travelling or sharing a room. If your nug-buddy is also a fan of Rick & Morty, you can safely order this with the reassurance that he will love it!

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NPW Dope Stuff One Size, Travel Kit

Price: $5.40

NPW has some seriously cool stoner gifts in their 420 community product line. This one in particular though caught our attention. We couldn’t stop laughing at how accurately they managed to portray a stoner’s eyes and expressions in this sleep kit. As the note on the product says so itself, “Chill out while you fly high”, it is the ultimate weed themed travel kit one can ask for. It includes:

  • An inflatable neck pillow
  • An eye mask
  • Ear plugs

This is one of those epic stoner gifts that any hardcore stoner will love. If this does not bring a smile to your friend’s face, we don’t know what will. So should you buy a green-themed kit that will leave anyone ROFL seeing you with it on the train or airplane? Thousand times yes! 

Click here to purchase this item!

Parting Words:  

See anything you like? We hope you did. And even if you didn’t we’re sure this gave you a lot of good ideas for similar gifts for your stoner buddy! So the only question that remains is, “what are you getting your stoner friend this Christmas?”

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