15 of The Best Stealthy Discrete Pipes


Stealthy discrete pipes are great for people who are looking to smoke without other people knowing. The pipes here on this list are discrete in different ways, but I will explain why later on in this post. Some of them are small, some of them are shaped like household objects, but they all are designed specifically for the same reason.

These discrete pipes are great for someone who is looking to smoke quickly on the go. They are great for quick secret smoke sessions, that’s what they were designed for after all.

What Makes a Stealthy Discrete Pipe

Graphic of a pipe with a person symboling to be discrete

A stealthy discrete pipe can either be intentionally designed like a household product, designed to be small enough to fit in your pocket without going noticed, or even designed to hold your cannabis until you’re ready to smoke making for speedy smoke sessions.

All of these pipes are made for different people and different situations and we’ll make sure to go over the pros and cons of each. Since they are all made for different people, the one right for you is going to depend on your lifestyle, your interests, and your day-to-day activities.

The 15 Best Stealthy Discrete Pipes

As I mentioned earlier, the perfect discrete pipe for you is not going to be the perfect discrete pipe for someone else. All of these pipes have been tested by us and we made sure not to include the ones we were not fans of.

These 15 stealthy discrete pipes are not ranked in any particular order.

15. The Spring Pipe

This spring pipe is a keychain pipe designed for someone who’s looking to carry around a pipe on their keys. What’s nice about this pipe is that if someone asks you what it is, you could say multiple different things.

The only problem with this pipe is that since it doesn’t really look like anything, people are more likely to ask you what it is if they see it. Some of the others on this list might be a better option depending on your individual situation.

14. The Spark Plug Pipe

The spark plug pipe is perfect for someone who works on engines. If you’re working on small engines regularly, no one is going to question why you have a spark plug in your pocket. In addition to that, if someone asks why you have a spark plug in your pocket, you can tell them that it’s from an engine you were just working on.

This discrete pipe is great as long as it suits your own situation.

13. The Saxophone Pipe

The saxophone pipe is nice for someone who has a lot of different gadgets laying around the house. This is something that you can keep in your drawer and if someone saw it they would just assume that it’s a display piece. This isn’t the best pipe on the list for travelling around but it is good at not drawing attention.

12. The Lipstick Pipe

The lipstick pipe is a great pipe to keep in your purse. With the cap off, it’s pretty clear that it’s not actually lipstick. However, why would someone be going into a purse and taking the cap off of your lipstick.

One of the most discrete stealthy pipes on this list if it suits your situation.

11. The Gum Pipe

This pipe is meant to resemble a pack of gum It definitely does that at a distance but up close it’s clear that it’s not actually gum. This isn’t a pipe that can be left out in plain sight but it still is one of the best discrete pipes available.

10. The Football Keychain Pipe

The football keychain pipe is great for football fans. If you’re an avid football fan, no one is going to question, or even think twice for that matter, why you have a football on your keychain.

This pipe is perfect for all of the football fans out there.

9. The Bullet Pipe

The bullet pipe is similar to the saxophone pipe in the sense that people will just assume it’s a decor piece. Unless of course, you have really bullets lying around the house. Either way, this pipe can be a great discrete pipe depending on your situation.

8. The Bracelet Pipe

The bracelet pipe is a great way to bring a pipe with you on the go. The only downside to this pipe is that if you’re not someone who ever wears bracelets, you will probably get questioned.

7. The Battery Pipe

This pipe is great for my tech friends out there. You might think I’m crazy for saying that, but believe me. If you’re into computers, technology, and electronics, and the people around you are not, this will fly under the radar.

Even though it’s just supposed to look like a battery, people who are not familiar with tech (most people born before 1970) will not think twice when the tech guy is carrying around a battery.

6. The Bolt Pipe

The bolt pipe is great for really anyone who works in the trades. Whether it be construction, automotive, HVAC, or even heavy equipment operators. Whatever it may be, the people around you won’t question why you have a bolt in your pocket. This pipe does a great job at flying under the radar.

5. Solo One Hitter

Solo one hitter product image

The solo one-hitter is great because you can carry it around in your pocket and no one will notice. It’s a pretty high-quality one-hitter and is easy to use. The only downfall of this pipe is that if someone were to see it, they would quickly notice what it is.

4. Roast and Toast Pipe Mug

Ceramic mug discrete pipe

This discrete mug pipe is great for someone who wants to smoke while enjoying their morning coffee. Mug pipes are perfect for someone who has young children and want to hide that they smoke from them.

If a child found this and looked at it closely, they would have no idea that it doubles as a pipe. This discrete pipe gets bonus points for the ability to be hidden in plain sight.

3. Highlighter Pipe

Discrete highlighter pipes on a tile floor

The highlighter pipe is a great pipe to carry around in a pencil case. Even if someone took a closer look into your pencil case, it’s highly unlikely that they would be able to find this pipe.

2. Nova Pipe

black and silver nova pipes

The nova pipe is great for quick and easy smoke sessions. Since you can keep your cannabis in the bowl piece up until you’re ready to use it. If you just want to smoke quick and you aren’t worried about people going through your things, this is the pipe for you. The only downfall of this pipe is the price point. At over $80 it is very expensive for a pipe.

1. Classic One Hitter

cigarette shaped one hitter product image

The one-hitter is an all-time classic. Easy, quick, and disguised as a cigarette, this discrete pipe has been used for years and years. You can find these one-hitters at most convenience stores for fairly cheap.

The best feature of this pipe is that you can take this to a smoking area, where there are lots of other people smoking cigarettes, and use it out in the open. From a distance, this looks exactly like a cigarette so it’s not going to draw attention.

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