5 of The Best Simpsons Rolling Trays


The Simpsons is a classic T.V. show that has many cannabis references stuffed inside its hilarious content. This comedy show is a staple in the cannabis community and therefore has many cool smoking accessories made for it. This article is going to cover 5 of the Best Simpsons rolling trays.

1: Bart and Lisa Simpson Rolling Tray

This hippie-inspired rolling tray features Bart and Lisa Simpson dressed up in cannabis-inspired attire. This is a perfect gift for anyone that loves the show, especially these two characters.

2: The Simpsons Family Rolling Tray

This rolling tray features the entire Simpsons cast along with their awesome pets. This accessory is a great tribute to the show and any fan would love to have it.

3: Bart Simpson Yellow Rolling Tray

Any Bart Simpson fan would love this rolling tray. It’s completely yellow and will stand out at any smoke sesh or on any table.

4: Homer Simpson Rolling Tray

Homer Simpson-inspired rolling tray that features homer laying on piles of his favorite “munchies” looking like he just ate a bag of edibles.

5: Bart Simpson “Dreaming” Rolling Tray

This Bart Simpson rolling tray depicts the famous character sleeping/dreaming and is a perfect image to use on a rolling tray. If you’re a fan of the show or know somebody that is, then this is another great gift for them or yourself.

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