5 of The Best Spongebob Rolling Trays


Spongebob is a classic T.V show that had many hidden stoner references packed inside. It’s also just a great show to watch while consuming cannabis with friends or alone!

This article will cover the 5 best spongebob rolling trays we could find and will have links to purchase them aswell! These are all high quality rolling trays that will be perfect for all smoking occasions.

This Spongebob and Mr. Krabs rolling tray is both funny and unique! The artwork depicts the two having a casual smoke break with blood red eyes. This rolling tray is on sale now for only $14.99!

This “Simpsons” inspired Spongebob design includes Spongebob as “Bart Simpson” holding a joint with a skateboard in his hand. Everyone who likes the Simpsons or Spongebob will love this rolling tray.

A classic “cute” Spongebob rolling tray that everyone will love! The bright blue background and metal finish makes this a great smoking accesory. This will make a perfect gift for your significant other or friends!

Spongebob and Patrick Split Rolling Tray

This Spongebob and Patrick rolling tray includes a cool split design that is a perfect for any fan of the show. Its available on Etsy and is on sale for $16.00.

Spongebob and Stewie Rolling Tray

A Spongebob and Stewie (family guy) collab is a great idea for a rolling tray! This specific tray is available on Amazon and sells for $19.99!

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