The Best Things to do while High

Being high in itself is an enjoyable experience.  Although cannabis affects each person differently, affects include happiness, a relaxed feeling, altered perceptions of time and the senses, and an increased appetite.  All of this helps make you feel great – but why not take that experience up a notch by doing something to enhance the fun? This article contains the best things to do while high!

Here are a few lists of things to do while high. Leave a comment below telling us which one was your favourite!

Fun Movies to Watch While High

Fun movies to watch while high. The best movies to watch stoned. Old school cineplex.

One of the best activities to enjoy while also enjoying the affects is watching movies.  Almost any movie would be better while high, but comedies are a great place to start.  Pick something with humour that stands the test of time and laugh out loud with your friends while taking a hit.

3 Funny Movies to Watch While High:

1. A 1975 classic like Death Race 2000 is a film about a road trip across the US where hitting pedestrians earns you points. 

2. Or, if you prefer the comedy of Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn, Dodgeball (2004) offers great jokes for the stoned viewer. 

3. Anchorman was also a huge hit in 2004, featuring the humour of Will Ferrell and others – perfect to enhance that high.

old school cinema playing funny movies like comedy's. Pink lights glow out the windows.

Aside from comedies, movies with great special effects or movies that make you think are also great to enjoy while high. 

4 Movies To Watch When High:

1. The Matrix Trilogy (1999-2003), is a great sci-fi trilogy that offers special effects that will blow your euphoric mind. 

2. Leonardo DiCaprio lends his acting skills in Inception, an action/sci-fi flick released in 2010 about manipulating reality through dream worlds. 

3. Fight Club, a classic from 1999 is strikingly thought-provoking and visually stimulating as well. 

4. In the mood for a coming of age sags?  Dazed and Confused (1993) invites you into the dilemmas of junior and high school students on their last day of school in the 70s.  It also comes with a great soundtrack to make it even better.   

Good Movies to Watch on Netflix While High

Netflix is a true joy for stoners.  Sit back, relax, and enjoy watching hours of great movies and shows without any need to come out of your haze. 

large living room with tv screen in background. Netflix playing a movie.

5 Good Netflix Movies to Watch While High:

1.The Big Lebowski is the stoner movie – and even spawned a religion based on the main character – the Dude.  He’s a slacker who winds up in an identity crisis that boils over from there. 

popcorn and munchies to eat while you are high.

2. A lesser-known film that will keep your munchies on their toes is Kantaro:  The Sweet Tooth Salaryman.  A Japanese businessman leads a double life and samples desserts.  What could be better than a series focused on food while you are high?  If that is not enough, the series also hits on topics including philosophy and office politics. 

3. If sweets are what you’re into, The Great British Baking Show is also a fantastic pick to enjoy while high.  It doesn’t take much thought to watch, but you get to watch a string of non-professional bakers in a competition to create the best desserts. 

4. Are you productive when you’re high?  If so, Tidying Up With Marie Kondo may be a series you can enjoy.  Marie Kondo works with her clients to show them how to clean up around their living space and have far less cluttered lives.  

5. Films that motivate are also great picks for those who enjoy a more active high.  Ultimate Beastmaster is another show on Netflix that is great to watch stoned because you watch highly-trained athletes compete in one of the toughest obstacle courses in the world. 

Activities to do While High

Aside from sitting back and watching movies, there are many other ways to harness that high.  Some find that being high enhances their creative minds.  Use this creative fuel to make beautiful or maybe just interesting artwork.  Activities that allow your imagination to run wild are definitely fun while high. 

activities to do while high, two girls dancing with there friends.

5 Activities to do:

1. Painting while high is a way to harness your creativity and allow your senses to dive in on a blank canvas.  Painting provides stress relief in that there are no rules.  No one can tell you how to paint – it’s all in that stoned mind of yours. 

2. The sculpture is also a wonderful tool in the creative arsenal.  You can easily work with clay to communicate the ideas that come to mind while you’re high.  The clay (or any other material you choose) patiently wait for you to experience ideas.  It’s a 3D representation of your ideas that come to life through your hands. 

3. Writing is another imaginative avenue.  Writing nurtures our ability to understand and implement ideas, preserve memories, and entertain others.  Doing so while high will enhance all of these benefits.  Being high removes a layer of awareness so that you can be more intuitive and follow your thoughts – you just may not remember all of them.

Activities to do high with your friends. Blue water with friends jumping off the dock.

4. What better way to spend your high than going on an adventure with your friends?  Getting out of your routine provides both mental and physical stimulation to boost your mood.  Go for a walk and enjoy your surroundings in a brand new way. 

5. Look at the stars – realize how small we are on this planet.  Let your mind wander to what may be out there, far beyond our reach.  Visit a museum and take in ancient artifacts.  You may pick up a different perspective.

Things to do While High At Home

When you’re at home you feel the most comfortable. You can be yourself when no ones around!

Things to do high while at home. White home during the fall season.

3 Activities to do While At Home:

Perhaps you like to stay home and enjoy being high in comfort.  One of the best activities to do while high at home is dancing.  Your euphoria will be much better if you get up and move.  Allow your body to move in any way it wants – you are in the comfort of your own home! 

Coupled with dancing is listening to music.  Put on your favourite jams – or maybe a brand new playlist – and move your body.  You won’t regret it.

Getting high before sex can increase sensitivities to your body overall, and of course, that includes passionate, amazing sex.  Marijuana can help people to push away many insecurities and just enjoy the moment.  Letting go of your inhibitions makes sex more sensual, and you can even come up with better, more open ideas than if you were sober. 

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