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A list of the top 10 grow tents for growing cannabis indoors. When it comes to growing cannabis indoors, having the correct grow tent is one of the most essential things you will need. A bad grow tent can make or break your growing operation. Luckily, Amazon has a huge variety of very affordable and high quality grow tents that are perfect for any cannabis grow setup you’re looking to make.

I have personally bought one of the tents from this list, and for the price, there really isn’t anything more I could ask for. The only negative thing about buying just the grow tent is you need to buy the rest of the equipment (it doesn’t come premade) this includes a light, ventilation fans, and much more. Luckily if you’re just in the market for a tent, this article is for you.

If you’re looking to start an entire growing operation from scratch, you should read our comprehensive indoor grow tent guide, this helps you learn about the extra equipment needed to start these grow tents:

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List of the Top 10 Grow Tents

1. VIVOSUN Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent

VIVOSUN Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent, one of the top grow tents out there!

This is the grow tent I personally own! It’s super durable and very high quality and comes at a very affordable price. The best part is these tents come in a range of sizes, so no matter the space you have to grow, or the size of tent you want, Vivosun will have a grow tent that fits your needs!

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The tent is super easy to first assemble and also easy to disassemble when it’s time to put it away! The installation requires no tools whatsoever, all you need to do is connect the poles together and then put the mylar cover overtop! It’s that simple (took me around 45 minutes – 1 hour to first assemble).

The Vivosun grow tents have multiple viewing windows and many different ventilation holes, so you can customize the grow room to suit your own needs (this is great if you need it to fit into a specific location). The best part about this tent is the high-grade materials it’s constructed with. We can vouch that this tent is very durable and extremely reliable.

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2. GreenHouser High Reflective Grow Tent

GreenHouser High Reflective Grow Tent

The GreenHouser grow tent also comes in a variety of sizes, so you will be able to find one that fits your size preference. It’s affordable and has all the utilities you will need in a grow tent. The inside is made with 96% highly reflective waterproof diamond Mylar. This helps the light reflect throughout the tent and enhances the efficiency of whichever light you’re using!

This tent is made with PEVA material which is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. It is also constructed with heavy-duty zippers and double stitching to help prevent any light leaks.

Click here to view or purchase the GreenHouser Grow Tent!

3. TopoLite Indoor Grow Tent

TopoLite Indoor Grow Tent, one of the top 10 grow tents on the list.

Looking for a big size tent? Then look no further as the TopoLite indoor grow tent is as big as they come. This 10ft x 10ft beast is packed with all the tools and utilities you will need to start a big cannabis growing operation. The best part about this massive grow tent is that is very convenient to set up, it is just a quick tool-free installation.

This tent is also equipped with 96% highly reflective diamond Mylar to help increase the light efficiency of whichever grow light you use. This durable tent comes with heavy-duty zippers to ensure long-lasting use and allows minimal light to escape.

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4. Hydroplanet Mylar Hydroponic Extra-Thick Canvas Grow Tent

Hydroplanet Mylar Hydroponic Extra-Thick Canvas Grow Tent

This grow tent is perfect for any size grow, especially a hydroponic grow operation. The heavy-duty canvas makes it durable enough for everybody! This comes equipped with heavy-duty tubes (poles) that allow for heavy hanging equipment (like a big grow light or exhaust fan).

Also, this grow tent similar to the others comes with a quick and easy assembly guide that even someone with no experience could put together! The material is 100% reflective tear-proof mylar and is washable inside and out. Furthermore, this tent also comes with a 2-year warranty so if there are any issues just contact their customer service.

Click here to view or purchase the Hydroplanet Grow Tent!

5. OPULENT SYSTEMS Hydroponic Mylar Water-Resister Grow Tent

OPULENT SYSTEMS Hydroponic Mylar Water-Resister Grow Tent

This mylar constructed grow tent is great for any beginner grower! It has a similar style to the rest of the tents on the list and comes in at an affordable price! Comes equipped with 98% highly reflective waterproof mylar and also heavy-duty zippers to give it a light-proof seal. It’s constructed with heavy-duty metal poles which ensure even the heaviest lights will be able to hang inside the tent with no issues.

It has an easy window design that allows you to check up on your plants without unzipping the entire tent. It’s also cool to show your friends the setup using the window! These tents are quick and simple to set up and come with installation guides. They also come with an 18-month warranty in case you decide the tent is not for you!

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6. TopoGrow 2-in-1 Indoor Grow Tent

TopoGrow 2-in-1 Indoor Grow Tent

If you’re looking to grow more then one plant at a time then the TopoGrow 2-1 grow tent is perfect for you! It has three separate compartments, one for the bloom and flower stage. Also, a two-tier nursery compartment meant for germination and seedlings. It has 100% reflective mylar to enhance the light efficiency for your plants.

The advantage of this tent is it allows the user to manage their plants at different stages of the grow cycle. Keeping the space the tent uses up at a minimal so it can still fit into any location.

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7. CoolGrows Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent 

CoolGrows Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent

This easy access and easy assembly grow tent is great for beginner cannabis growers looking to build their first grow room! The multiple size options allow it to fit any build! Equipped with 95% reflective mylar to give a boost to the light output and also PVC free material to ensure it meets environmental standards.

The tent comes with an assembly guide so anybody would be able to put it together. It has a viewing window so you can check on your plants whenever along with an easy access zipper door. Furthermore, this tent comes with a 1-year warranty in the event it’s not right for you!

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8. iPower Mylar Grow Tent

iPower Mylar Grow Tent

The iPower grow tent is one of the more slick-looking tents on this list. It comes in an all-black colour and a great design (same tent design as the one I use, perfect for beginner growers). The tent is equipped with 95% light reflective mylar and is 99% light proof. It is constructed with metal poles, heavy-duty zippers and double stitching to ensure durability.

There is an easy access door and multiple viewing windows on this tent for simple accessibility. On the wall of the tent there is a hanging toolbag so you can leave your tools inside there (I personally keep my hygrometer inside that pouch). The frame is reinforced and is rated to handle up to 110lbs (this is way more then you need). Finally, it comes with a 1-year warranty.

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9. QIANQBKN Grow Tent Room 

QIANQBKN Grow Tent Room

This high quality grow tent comes equipped with multiple unique viewing windows and durable mylar construction! Everything you will need in a grow tent can be found here! The assembly is very simple and can be mounted easily. Crafted with high-grade materials to ensure its both reliable and durable.

Built to meet safety standards so you can maintain your plants in an eco-friendly environment. It comes with multiple unique styled viewing windows so you can easily check up on your plants whenever you like!

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10. VIVOSUN Indoor Grow Roof Cube Tent

vivosun indoor grow roof cube tent. one of the top grow tents for large grow operations.

To finish off the best grow tents review, the Vivosun roof cube tent had to make the list! This unique and cool looking grow room is big enough for almost any beginner grow room! Comes equipped with 98% reflective mylar and extra-thick premium canvas. The tear-proof material and double stitching ensure the tent allows no light to escape.

Crafted with a sturdy metal frame and easy installation guide you won’t go wrong with this tent. The installation even for this massive tent requires no tools at all! You just need to fit the metal poles together and cover it with the mylar cover. Finally, the Vivosun roof cube tent comes with a 2-year warranty.

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I hope you enjoyed the top 10 grow tents list for growing cannabis indoors! If you are looking to learn more about growing cannabis, you should read our article on how to grow cannabis indoors! It includes all the equipment you need to use when making a grow room for the first time!

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