Best Ways to Smoke Weed in 2020


The best ways to smoke weed in 2020! When it comes to smoking weed there is no shortage of alternatives and unique methods. Everyone has a favourite way of smoking, but there’s always room to experiment and learn some new stuff. Look no further! The best ways to smoke weed in 2020 – complete beginner’s guide is here!

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Smoking Weed With a Bong

Bongs are quickly becoming a favourite in the community and one of the best ways to smoke weed. You can get high faster and with less weed using a bong. In other words, a bong hits you the hardest. For some, this method can be overpowering.  A large amount of smoke fills your lungs which produce big clouds and intense highs.

A bong consists of a; water pipe/ beaker, bowl-piece, down-stem, and water. The bong fills with water at the base. The weed is packed in a “bowl piece” which is then ignited. The individual inhales through the top of the bong. The smoke has only one place to go and that’s up. The smoke travels through the down stem (piece connecting bowl piece to a bong) and through the water.

A male igniting a cannabis bowl from a glass bong.
Man igniting a cannabis bowl from a glass bong.

When the cannabis is burned and it goes through the water, it is being filtered. This leads to a smoother hit. You can also get custom bongs with perks (attachments) and ice catchers to smooth out the hit even more.

With the ability to know exactly how much you’re smoking, and the ability to get a strong high off small amounts of cannabis. Bongs are quickly becoming the most popular method of consumption. Make sure you know your limits and start off small… Bongs can be dangerous to beginners!

Bongs come in glass, silicon, and acrylic.

Smoking Weed Using a Joint

A joint is the most popular form of smoking weed. Joints have been used to smoke cannabis for thousands of years. This method is the most prevalent around the world. The reason being is its ease of use and convenience. You can fit a pack of rolling papers virtually anywhere.

We wrote a comprehensive guide on how to roll the perfect joint! Click here to learn how to roll a joint perfectly every time!

An image of a hand rolled joint with a grinder of weed on the table.

To roll a joint you need to place the weed inside the paper and then roll it up to make it sealed. This makes an airway for the cannabis to be easily inhaled to the lungs.

Rolling a joint is an art form the cannabis world. Everyone has different tricks and tips when it comes to rolling, but the individual finds what feels comfortable to them.

In summary, joints are quick and easy to roll and take up small amounts of weed. There’s a reason they’re the most popular! Furthermore, they are one of the best ways to smoke weed.

If you want to learn the easiest way to roll a joint, click here.

Smoking Weed With a Blunt

This is for the seasoned cannabis user or someone that wants to take there time and enjoy themselves when they smoke. A blunt consist of a tobacco leaf that is used as the rolling paper.

Blunts burn slow. Because of this, they’re most common in settings where a group of people want to smoke cannabis together.

A blunt wrap filled with purple weed on a wooden table.
An alternative to a tobacco leaf. A hemp rolling paper labelled as a blunt wrap due to its slow burn time. Purple weed inside the blunt.

This is also a preferred method for people who like to have a light headrush when smoking the weed. The tobacco leaf contains nicotine and other chemicals that give the feeling of being lightheaded when mixed into your weed. In Canada, the most common method of smoking a blunt is to dissect a backwoods cigar and use the tobacco leaf that coats it for the blunt wrap. This is also expensive because backwood packs range anywhere from 8-15$ depending on the store. Problems occur if the tobacco leaves are too dry to roll with. If this is the case the tobacco leaves rip and you need to unroll another cigar. This becomes costly if you’re always getting old/ dry backwoods packs.

A pack of backwoods used to make blunts with.
A backwoods pack with the cigars sitting on top

Another primary reason people prefer blunts is due to the amount of weed that can it into them. You can fit a large amount of weed inside usually 2 – 3.5 grams depending on the preference of the individual. Seasoned stoners tend to prefer blunts over joints because when you have a higher tolerance rolling a few joints is more work than rolling one blunt. Compared to zigzags and raw rolling papers your only fitting 0.5 – 1.5 grams inside, unless you upgrade to a king size or extreme size (1 Oz). Furthermore, do your research if you want to smoke tobacco. A lot of people stay away since tobacco smoke is a proven cancer-causing carcinogen. If you smoke blunts frequently, it will have a damaging effect on your lungs and the potential to cause nicotine addiction.

Smoking Weed Using a Vaporizer

Vaporizers are by far the best invention and technological advancement when it comes to the cannabis industry. Vaporizers have been designed to perfectly interact with your bud, extracting the THC which becomes activated at the correct temperature. Originally designed to vaporize tobacco, cannabis enthusiast quickly realized the more efficient use of the technology.

Vaporizers are designed to heat up a chamber to a temperature which is between 285–400°F. At this temperature, THC-A becomes activated. In other words, THC-A turns into the psychoactive THC. When inhaled it is digested quicker into the bloodstream and has more powerful effects because it is pure THC. A vape high is also a unique feeling that is different from regular smoke. You must experience it for yourself to feel the awesome effects! Easily one of the best ways to smoke weed in 2020!

A volcano vaporizer that is a grey metallic colour. Has bottles of cannabis beside it.
A volcano is also known as the Ferrari of vaporizers. This thing packs a punch and is a stoner’s dream to own. Retails for upwards of $1000.

Vaping is also a great way to save your lungs and is a healthy alternative. The smoke contains far fewer toxins and carcinogens. Weed, when combusted, produces tar, this builds up after smoking for a while.

Vapour smoke tastes like burnt popcorn or a close relative of that. This is tastier then the usual resinous smoke made when burning cannabis to inhale it. Also since almost al vaporizers use a coil heating system, you’re skipping out on inhaling any butane or lighter fluid.

Another bonus is after your done vaping, you can actually reuse the cannabis by either smoking it or cooking with it. Although you will have already used up a majority of the cannabinoids by this point there will still be some.

This is one of the most popular methods for veteran stoners. You can taste the different strains that you smoke and can enjoy it while minimizing the damage to your lungs.

Consuming Edibles

Cannabis Edibles are by far the most underrated form of consuming cannabis, in my opinion. It is the healthiest way of consumption.

There are plenty of online stores and dispensaries where you can buy cannabis edibles, or, you could make your own at home.

Edibles can come in every form imaginable. Any recipe that requires butter can be replaced with the psychoactive cannabis butter. If you’re looking for some recipes, click here.

cannabis butter used to make weed edibles in a glass mason jar.

The problem with edibles is getting your dosing right. When making cannabis butter it can be hard to measure potency. Luckily, we have a dosage calculator here. The effects of edibles usually take around 1-2 hours to hit. The best alternative to the common best ways to smoke weed.

If you’re interested in making edibles, we have a comprehensive guide here.

Smoking Weed Using a Pipe

Pipes are one of the most common methods of smoking cannabis. Instead of having to roll a joint or fill up a bong with water. You can just pack your weed into the pipe’s bowl, and light it up.

A green grinder and glass weed pipe on a glass table.

This is a great method for on the go smokers because there’s very little time required to set up. Just pack and go. Pipes are relatively small so you can fit them in your pocket or in a small pouch easily. The most common problem when it comes to smoking weed through a pipe is that after a few uses it becomes dirty and clogged up with residue. There are plenty of methods to clean pipes out there but it can get a little tedious.

A green weed pipe with a bowl of cannabis packed into it. A females hand is holding it.
A green glass pipe with a bowl of weed packed.

Pipes come in all shapes and sizes and depending on your price range you can get some really cool custom designed ones! One of the most common and best ways to smoke weed.

Smoking Weed Using a One-Hitter

One-Hitters are the most common “secret” stoner tool on the planet! They are designed to resemble cigarettes. You stamp the top end of the One-Hitter into your ground up weed and light it up.

A green weed grinder with a one hitter leaning up beside it.

You can only fit around a tenth of a gram in it, and due to this it only takes one hit. That’s where the term One-Hitter originates from. These are very cheap and are great on the go stoner utensils.

One hitter packed full with weed. This is a discreet method of smoking weed.

One-hitters biggest downside is they have a tendency to clog. These were originally designed to use in public places where cannabis is illegal. They are shaped and painted to resemble a cigarette. This creates the appearance that you’re smoking a cigarette. One of the best ways to smoke weed discreetly!

One hitters can be a great way to smoke cannabis incognito. But remember that one-hitters only look like a cigarette from a distance.

Smoking weed using a Dab Rig

Dabbing or hitting dabs is a recent phenomenon in the stoner world. It is used with concentrates, oil, and wax. This is cannabis that has been broken down and processed into its most potent form. It is almost entirely THC. The typical dab is a golden brown colour that is semi-transparent. To get weed into this form takes time and a lot of weed. The going rate is 5:1 ratio of cannabis:extracts. In other words, 10 grams of cannabis gets you around 2 grams of concentrates.

This ratio helps visualize the potency of the substance. This is a favourite for seasoned stoners who’s tolerance has been built up over the years. You need to consume less to feel more. The prices reflect this. On average its 3-5x more expensive than your typical gram. But it’s important to remember that since the potency of oil is so much higher than cannabis flower, only a fraction is required for similar effects.

A glass dab rig is on a wooden table. This is used to smoke weed out of.
Image of a simple but sweet dab rig with metal coil on top.

A dab rig is just a redesigned bong made to smoke this unique substance. You heat up the metal bowl or glass bowl with a torch until it becomes red hot (or hot enough to burn the extract). After it gets to the required temperature you place a piece of the extract onto the recently heated bowl. It evaporates and transforms it into very potent THC filled smoke. Easily makes the list as one of the best ways to smoke weed.

This is such a potent hit that some states and locations categorize extracts as a different drug than cannabis because of its overwhelming effects.

Image of a dab rig which is used to smoke weed out of. The glass dab rig is on a white table.
Image of a dab rig.

Smoking Weed Using an Apple

Look no further then your fridge if you’re needing a way to light up your mary jane. An apple a day keeps the doctor away, and as the saying goes! An apple might actually save the day!

You just get your weed and your bong breaks, or you’re outta rolling papers. What can you do? Carve a hole in the top of your apple and connect it through another hole in the side. Place your weed on top and you’re finished!

A green apple that has been made into an apple pipe. Another common method of smoking weed.
an apple with weed packed on top. A hole on the side used for inhaling the smoke.

The reason this is so common is that everyone has access to apples. All you have to do is poke some holes and go. An apple pipe is 100% organic and therefore disposable. Once your done smoking, throw the apple away. No evidence is left behind!

Smoking Weed Using a Gravity Bong

Similarly known as the earth bong. This is a custom made bong that uses the force of gravity to produce your smoke. All you have to do is cut the bottom of a bottle out. Next, Put a bowl piece where the lid is. You’re going to need a second container that is filled with water similar to the picture.

After you have everything set up, you light the bowl and slowly raise the bottle out of the water. As you do so, the bottle will begin to fill with smoke. Then its as simple as removing the bowl piece and inhaling the smoke.

This type bong would go under the home-made category.

diagram of a gravity bong and how it works. Another way to smoke weed.
Diagram of how a gravity bong works.

Smoking Weed Using a Bubbler

A bubbler is considered the “hybrid” of smoking accessories and tools. It is a cross-breed between a bong and a pipe. Or like a mini bong. When you inhale the smoke it “bubbles”’ which gives its name as a bubbler.

This reduces the heat of the smoke when the water hits it. It makes it more smooth then a pipe but harsher than a bong. A reason for using these is also convenience. The size is small enough to fit into a purse or backpack so it’s easily transported. It also only takes a little bit of water to fill up compared to a bong that takes a lot of water. Also, these come in awesome unique designs that cannabis connoisseurs love to collect! Easily one of the best ways to smoke weed.

Smoking Weed Using a Hookah Pipe

Hookah pipes originated in the Indian subcontinent and quickly spread across the Indian empire. It became one of the most popular ways of smoking tobacco in the subcontinent. These kinds of smoking tools spread across Europe and Asia. But now in 2019 they are found all around the world. The most common place being in shisha bars and lounges. The term hookah is derived from the Urdu word “huqqa”, which means “pipe”. Using a hooka to smoke cannabis may seem challenging, but it’s fairly straight forward.

You need the regular hookah accessories; the hookah pipe, coals, aluminum foil, and water. You can add the shisha or tobacco as well if you desire. If you’re mixing the contents its best to put the weed on the top, so it contains its moisture as you smoke it.

An image of a hookah which is one of the best ways to smoke weed.
Image of a hookah. The cannabis is placed on top of the hot coals. You inhale through the straw.

Once you have the cannabis packed on top of the coals, you can start enjoying your bud! You can also do this with other forms of cannabis like hash, and other concentrates.

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