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cannabis butter used to make weed edibles

How to Make CannaButter | Best Weed Butter Beginner Guide

When it comes to CannaButter, it is the king of the weed edibles! Cannabis Butter is super versatile and an extremely simple weed edible that can be used in almost every recipe! The customization and personal preference of this cooking medium make it one of, if not the, most popular […]

how to decarboxylate cannabis

How to Decarboxylate Cannabis | Weed Edible Guide

How to decarboxylate cannabis properly is an important step when making edibles. It will increase your potency and allow you to maximize the results. This weed edible guide will go over everything you need to know about decarboxylating cannabis! What is Decarboxylation? The literal definition of decarboxylation is: “a chemical […]

glazed donuts on a baking tray

How to Make Weed Glazed Donuts

Weed Glazed Donuts! Are you kidding me? The munchies won’t stand a chance when the cannabis is the munchie! Weed glazed donuts are super delicious, and allow you to infuse in the donut itself as well as the glaze. This allows you to make the donuts more potent than some […]

cannabis infused waffle on a black plate with maple syrup poured overtop of them. Strawberries and icing sugar spread around on the black plate.

How to Make Weed Waffles

Weed waffles are some of the best breakfast edibles out there! These cannabis-infused waffles are simple to make and taste even better! Dive into breakfast with your friends, family, or anyone else who likes a fun morning or night! Here’s What You’re Going to Need There’s only two ingredients in […]

Weed crepes with golden colour

How to Make Weed Crepes

Crepes are a known delicacy but what could make them any better? Introducing weed crepes, these weed edibles are easy to make and taste great! What You Need to Make Weed Crepes When it comes to making cannabis-infused crepes. There is one ingredient you probably won’t have in your cupboard. […]