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A hot pan with sizzling chicken green peppers red peppers and other veggies used for making weed fajitas

How to Make Weed Fajitas

Mexican food happens to be my favourite type of cuisine. For this reason, I had to find a way to infuse it with cannabis. I present to you: weed fajitas. This delicious edible recipe takes 1 hour from start to finish and serves 8. Make sure to check out the […]

overhead shot of weed onion rings with sauce in the background. onion slices uncooked in the background

How to Make Weed Onion Rings

Learning how to make weed onion rings was a game-changer for me. This is one of my all-time favourite recipes, and now that it’s infused with cannabis, it’s definitely in my top 5. This delicious edible recipe only takes 18 minutes to make and serves 3. If you’re just skimming […]

lots of cannabis infused churros in a bag with powdered sugar on top of them and tongs in the background

How to Make Weed Churros

Weed Churros! Yes, you heard it right! This delicious edible dessert recipe is one of our favourites! It’s easy enough for beginners to make, but challenging enough for edible connoisseurs to put their baking skills to the test! If you’re just skimming the article and saving the recipe for later, […]

slices of weed garlic bread on a black abstract plate

How to Make Weed Garlic Bread

Weed garlic bread is one of my all-time favourite cannabis edible recipes. This delicious recipe is a great place to start if you’re new to making edibles at home. This recipe takes just over 30 minutes to make and serves 10. Make sure not to skim past the potency calculator […]

cannabis infused edible fish and chips on parchment paper with tarter sauce and ketchup beside them. All of this is on a wooden surface

How to Make Weed Fish and Chips

Our weed fish and chips recipe is a spin on a classic English recipe. Fish and chips have been a staple for food in England for as long as I can remember. This delicious edible recipe only takes around 40 minutes and serves 4. If you’re just skimming this post, […]