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weed butter mints on a white surface. The mints are white, yellow, orange, and pink
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How to Make Weed Butter Mints

Weed butter mints are a great edible snack recipe to add to your collection! The best part, this simple edible recipe takes less than 30 minutes to make from start-to-finish. If you’re just skimming this recipe, make sure to check out the calculator further down in this post. It will […]

macro shot of Raw Organic weed Granola Bars with Seeds and Nuts
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How to Make Weed Granola Bars

Granola Bars are one of the most common snacks on the planet. This versatile food just got even better once you infuse it with a little cannabis. Weed granola bars are perfect on-the-go edibles as you can bring them on whatever endeavour you need. Bring them camping, backpacking, or just […]

Overhead image of weed boneless buffalo wings on a wooden cutting board with dipping sauce beside the cutting board
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11 Weed Edible Dinner Recipes

An 11 weed edible dinner recipes list that includes some very tasty meals. There is a dinner in this list that everyone will enjoy, no matter your taste preferences. Make sure to check out the entire recipes by clicking the link to them. There you will find a recipe card […]

Cannabis edible candy. All different kinds of weed edibles.
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11 Weed Edible Snack Recipes

A comprehensive list of 11 weed edible snack recipes. When it comes to edibles, snacks are the most popular among them due to there easy access and on-the-go features. Bring them wherever you need too, whether it be a road trip, to your friend’s house, or just on a casual […]