How to Make CBD Gummy Bears


CBD gummy bears have become one of the most popular CBD snacks on the market. The gummies make dosing your CBD fun and tasty, no wonder people love them! We noticed how expensive they were and we wanted to show people how to make CBD gummy bears themselves at home. There are two main benefits of making them yourself. The first benefit is the gummy bears become much more affordable, the second benefit is you can control the potency to fit your preferences. You can’t beat that!

We recommend calculating the potency of your homemade CBD gummy bears prior to making them. This will allow you to adjust the recipe so the gummy bears contain the amount of CBD you want! Scroll to the bottom of this article and use the potency calculator to find a dosage you like.

CBD infused gummy bears sit in a big pile on top of each other. The gummy bears are red, yellow, and green in color.

Here is What You’ll Need

This CBD-infused recipe requires one main ingredient you can’t purchase at the grocery store. That ingredient is CBD isolate. CBD isolate is simple to use and very affordable. If you would like to purchase isolate or read more information on it, click here to see the company we have been using:

cbd isolate package made by a company called remedi.

Equipment Needed:

CBD Gummy Bear Recipe

CBD Gummy Bears

Ryan Mogk
Quick and simple CBD-infused recipe for gummy bears. Perfect CBD-infused snack!
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Author: Ryan Mogk
Prep Time 5 mins
Cook Time 5 mins
Cooling time 25 mins
Total Time 35 mins
Course Dessert, Snack
Cuisine American
Servings 12 Servings
Calories 31 kcal


  • Stove
  • Cooking Pot
  • Whisk
  • Gummy Bear Moulds
  • Dropper
  • Freezer


  • 1/2 Cup Cold Water
  • 85 Grams Packet of Flavoured Gelatine *One Jell-o Pack
  • 2 Tablespoons Plain Unflavoured Gelatine (20 Grams)
  • CBD isolate


  • Pour the 1/2 cup of water into a pot over low heat.
  • Now, add in the flavoured gelatin and the unflavoured gelatin. Mix thoroughly until dissolved. Add the CBD isolate and mix well. You want to ensure the CBD is mixed evenly throughout.
  • Remove pot from the heat. Use the dropper and add the mixture into the gummy bear moulds.
  • Put the gummy bear moulds into the freezer for 20-25 minutes. (Pro tip: lift the mould 2 inches off the table and drop it. This will let the mixture fill any air pockets.)


  • Sprinkle a pinch of citric acid overtop of the finished gummy bears to make them sour! Don’t go overboard as citric acid is a preservative. 
  • Store in the refrigerator for best results. 


Sodium: 36mgSugar: 6gCalories: 31kcalSaturated Fat: 1gFat: 1gProtein: 2gCarbohydrates: 6g
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How to Make CBD Gummy Bears With Cannabis

If you don’t have CBD isolate, you can use a strain of cannabis that’s high in CBD for the infusion instead. Some cannabis strains contain a high percent of CBD with almost no THC. An example would be a strain with a 20:1 ratio of CBD to THC content.

cbd gummy bears lying beside buds of cannabis. The gummy bears are clear, red, and yellow in color. They sit on a black surface.

Step 1: Make CBD-infused coconut oil using a strain of cannabis with a high CBD:THC ratio. Click here to read our cannabis-infused cooking oil guide!

Infusion Machines Make Edibles For You!

Levo oil machine

Decarboxylating and infusing your cannabis edibles can take a lot of time and effort. Luckily, there are great infusion devices to make this process as easy and seamless as possible. Cannabis-infusion machines are countertop devices that decarboxylate and infuse your butter, oils, and other ingredients for you. With just a few clicks you will have cannabis edibles at your disposal!

We recommend LEVO Infusion Machines and Ardent Cannabis Infusion Machines, which are two of the most widely used devices on the market. Use code CANNASCHOOL at checkout for 10% OFF!

If you are going to make the gummy bears using cannabis, you will need to read our cannabis-infused cooking oil guide. Follow the same directions in that recipe (make sure to use coconut oil for the infusion) but substitute a CBD strain of cannabis in the place of regular cannabis.

Step 2: Substitute the CBD-infused coconut oil in the place of cannabis-infused coconut oil in our original gummy bear’s recipe. Click here to read our original cannabis gummy bear guide!

Once you have made the CBD-infused coconut oil, head over to our original gummy bears’ recipe and substitute the CBD coconut oil for the cannabis-infused coconut oil. Then proceed to make the recipe.

Step 3: Enjoy the CBD gummy bears!

Keep in mind that even strains of cannabis with high CBD contain some THC in them. Depending on the strain used there will be traces of THC in the gummy bears still. Therefore the gummy bears might produce mild psychoactive effects. Furthermore, this is all dependent on the CBD:THC ratio in the cannabis used.

How to Purchase CBD Gummy Bears

If you don’t feel like buying all the ingredients and equipment to make this recipe, you can always buy premade CBD gummy bears! There are great organic and vegan options available too if that’s what you’re looking for! Here are the top brands we recommend if you want to buy CBD gummies:

CBD Gummy Bears Potency Guide

When making homemade edibles, we recommend that you calculate the potency of the recipe prior to making it. This will allow you to adjust and alter the recipe until it fits your needs. To find the potency of your CBD gummy bears, you will need to know how much CBD isolate you used.

To calculate the potency of the CBD gummy bears, all you need to do is measure the amount of CBD isolate used in the infusion. The package the CBD comes in may have serving guides and instructions to do this. Another way to measure the amount of CBD is by using a scale. CBD is measured in milligrams (mg), so if the scale reads 0.1g (grams) that is equivalent to 100mg.

If you need a scale to measure the CBD isolate for the infusion, this is the scale we recommend: here is a link to the scale we use which can be purchased on Amazon!

cbd gummy bears sitting beside one another. There is five gummy bears in total. A blue, yellow, clear, orange, and pink one.

Potency Calculator

The potency calculator below can be used to find a dosage you like. We recommend playing around with the calculator prior to making the recipe. This way you can see exactly how much CBD isolate is needed for the dosage you want. Using the moulds that we recommended, this recipe will make about 100 gummy bears give or take.


Are CBD gummy bears legal?

This all depends on where you live. The location you reside might have different rules and regulations then in Canada and the law changes jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Just check with the local state/ municipality for specific guidelines.

Will CBD gummy bears get me high?

No. Eating these will not get you high. CBD is a non-psychoactive compound found in the cannabis plant. That being said, there can still be trace amounts of THC in the gummies if you make them using cannabis or buy them from a store. These trace amounts may not be enough to get you high, but can still show up on drug tests. If you want to learn more about the properties of CBD, check out our CBD beginners guide here!

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